Why E-scooter accidents are increasing day by day?

In cities throughout the world, e-scooters have grown in popularity as a last-mile mobility option because of the ease of use provided by dock-free, smartphone-based systems that make getting on and off straightforward. As a result of these benefits, there has been an increase in hospitalizations, which has a negative impact on public health. As a result, riding an e-scooter puts you at greater risk of injury than any of the following modes of transportation: motorbike, bicycle, car, or foot.

E-scooters have been increasingly popular in recent years because of their adaptability and usefulness in intra-urban movement. 

The e-scooter, on the other hand, has become a source of serious accidents, resulting in new public health issues and dramatically raising direct and indirect healthcare expenditures.

If you’ve ever been in an accident or lost a loved one, you know that a major injury may affect your life forever. If you have been hurt due to someone else’s carelessness, an Americus personal injury attorney can assist you.

The most popular causes of eclectic scooter accidents

Electric scooters have grown in popularity over the last few decades.

They are simple to operate and hence a feasible alternative to conventional modes of transportation, particularly in large cities and over short distances. Here we have listed some of the common causes of electric scooter accidents. 

Drunk e-scooter drivers are dangerous 

The researchers discovered that the e-scooter injuries clearly showed who was more in danger. Over 60% of the patients were men, and around 51% were under the influence of alcohol or other substances at the time of the accident. According to the report, head and face injuries were the most prevalent. Most of the scooters are rented. Therefore many countries ban ranted e-scooters on and off due to the increasing rate of accidents.  

Electric scooters do not need a license

Because electric scooter usage does not require a driver’s license, the frequency of traffic accidents is likely to rise. Many individuals, especially young ones, may misjudge the speed and risks of using E-Scooters.

As a result, electric scooters may contribute to an increase in serious traffic incidents. The young boys and girls who use e-scooter don’t know the rules and regulations of the traffic because they are non-licensed and cause severe accidents.

E-scooters may be left anyplace

Another major issue with electric scooters is that they are often left everywhere. Even in parks, you can easily find E-scooters.

Because many cities lack regulations governing the correct parking of electric scooters, there is a lot of visual pollution from those scooters, which may reduce the quality of life for many people.

Battery issues

The battery of an E-scooter needs to charge regularly. You might get into problems if you don’t charge your scooter battery; this is especially true if you drive your electric scooter along the street. The scooter unexpectedly stops owing to a lack of battery power. If the cars behind you cannot respond correctly, this might lead to major accidents.

No separate lane for scooters

It might be risky if there are not enough scooter lanes. Because electric scooters frequently utilize the same lanes as automobiles, this may be highly risky for scooter drivers because they are relatively unprotected. In a collision with a car, scooter drivers are in great danger of being severely hurt.

Thus, operating an electric scooter may be hazardous to your health, especially in places with limited scooter lanes.

Rain condition and E-scooter

It is obvious not to ride your e-scooter during the rainy season. Not because these are electric bikes, but because there is a high risk of slipping on the wet roads.

During rain, e-scooters don’t work way efficiently because water gets into your scooters, and there is a chance that you may get stuck in the middle of the road and cause an accident to others due to the invisibility because of rain. 

Risks on the road

Many drivers are unaware of how little scooters are compared to cars or bikes. Scooters cannot cope with potholes, unexpected dips, or even harsh bumps. Hitting any road danger leads a scooter operator to lose control and tumble to the ground.

Destructive driving

Many scooter riders mistakenly believe that because scooters are smaller and slower, it is safe to look at their phones while riding. These bikers must remember that they are not alone on the road. Between the scooter driver and their goal, there are people, other scooters, and busy junctions. Riders on scooters that use their telephones harm themselves and any people around. 


The e-scooter is a great alternative to other vehicles when you are in a rush. But the popularization is equal to the increase in the accident rate. Accidents can result in significant harm or even death. You might get advice from an experienced Americus personal injury attorney.  

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