What to Expect in a Wellness Center

Whatever your idea for a wellness center is, it has to cater to your wellbeing. You can get a lot from a wellness facility, including pain relief, mental wellbeing, weight loss, and more. The main goal is to make you relax, feel and function better. Some practices also offer cosmetic treatments to improve your appearance. The wellness center Garnerville specialists are no different. They offer quality therapeutic services to restore your health and better your life. Here are some of the available services.

Personal fitness training

It involves using a gym membership app and having a personal fitness trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals. Your provider tailors a customized fitness plan that fits your goals and preferences.

During your initial consultation, your provider evaluates your health and discusses your desired results. It helps find out the areas you need extra help.

The team provides instructions and guidance on your training and exercises. They also monitor your progress to help you reach your desired goals.

The fitness plan may include weight lifting, dance, yoga, pilates, or aerobics.

Suppose you want to manage your weight, improve your flexibility, promote your cardiovascular health or become stronger, personal fitness training is for you.

Red light therapy

It is a non-invasive technique to treat various skin health conditions, wounds, and musculoskeletal conditions. Red light therapy uses a low-level laser that releases red light wavelengths.

Red light therapy strengthens the mitochondria and promotes energy production in the cells. Increased cellular energy enhances your body’s healing process, leading to cell rejuvenation and repair.

Unlike other laser treatments, red light therapy does not activate healing by harming your skin or tissues. It is safe, and as opposed to UV light, you do not need to avoid it.

The treatment is painless and provides exceptional outcomes for wounds, skin conditions, and musculoskeletal pain.

Ozone therapy

It is a good treatment option for wounds and tissue repair. Ozone therapy involves streaming ozone gas to your skin and tissues to promote healing.

The ozone gas initiates the production of more red blood cells and proteins in your tissues. It increases the oxygen supply into the wounds and injured tissues, enhancing healing.

You can use ozone therapy to address various health concerns, including heart disease, arthritis, macular degeneration, breathing disorders, diabetes complications, injuries, and wounds.

Ozone therapy is safe, however, like most treatments, it may have side effects, such as nausea, headaches, cramps, abdominal discomfort, and flu-like symptoms.

Talk with your provider to see whether you qualify for the treatment.

Shockwave therapy

It provides an effective solution to various types of musculoskeletal pain. Shockwave therapy is an alternative option when you have not responded to other pain management options.

The technique involves a device that takes electrical waves into your muscles and tissues. It interferes with the nerve endings in the treatment area, enhancing pain relief. Shockwave therapy treats various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, osteoarthritis, etc.

You may also use shockwave therapy to improve blood and fluid circulation and healing.

For the above wellness services and more, contact Healthy Therapeutics Medical Practice, PLLC, to schedule your consultation.

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