What Happened to Kim Hyun-Jong From Boys Over Flowers?

After debuting as a member of the boy band SS501, Kim Hyun-joong began his acting career in 2009’s hit drama “Boys Over Flowers”. After signing with the company KeyEast Entertainment, he began to act in films and commercials, including the hit movie The Expendables. Today, Kim is active on his YouTube channel, posting videos of his concert performances as well as his daily life.

After the success of his solo career in the boy band, Kim Hyun-joong continued to perform. In 2011, he released his EP Break Down, which gained him a cult following in his home country of Japan. He has also continued to appear in television programs and movies, and even toured in the United States and Japan. He regularly posts content on his YouTube channel and shares pictures with his fandom. However, a scandal involving the actor and his family surfaced in 2014, causing many fans to wonder what happened to Kim Hyun-joong.

The news of Kim Hyun-joong’s arrest was met with a lot of repercussions. He was a highly successful star in “Boys Over Flowers” and is now a well-known actor. It’s unfortunate that he had to take time away from his career to serve his country. It is unclear if Kim will return to acting, but he was always a talented actor.

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