What Are the Types of Car Accidents that Happen?

Car accidents have become very common in the United States. It is frightening when one thinks about the kind of accidents that are happening on the road. The sad thing is that most of these accidents could have been prevented if drivers maintained a little more diligence and effort. Here are some of the common types of car accidents that car accident attorneys in Los Angeles have to deal with.

Vehicle Rollover

If you want to know about a particularly violent and dangerous type of accident, then it is definitely the rollover. It happens when there is the interaction of the driver, the road, the cars as well as environmental factors. Yes, the model of the car indeed plays a crucial role in such an accident, but the behavior of the driver as well as the climatic conditions also do. Alcohol consumption and road condition can also play a role when such an accident occurs.

Overall it can be said truthfully that this is an accident that is terrible to witness and traumatic to be a part of.

Single Car Accident

This is a type of car accident that occurs only with a single car. There is no other car involved. A good part of these accidents is when a car is run off by the road and this may be due to debris, collision with animals, or rollovers.

Rear-End Collision

This is a type of car accident where a car crashes into the car in front of it. This happens usually due to drivers getting distracted, fatigued, panic stops, tailgating, or things like can be an extremely dangerous accident because it affects both vehicles on the road very badly.

Side-Impact Collision

This is the type of road accident that occurs when the side of a car gets impacted. Such an accident usually occurs at parking spots, intersections, or when two vehicles are passing through on a street. The impact of such an accident can be severe in nature but it actually depends on where the vehicle has been impacted.

Head-On Collision

This is a serious accident and one that should be avoided at any cost. A head-on collision is an accident where two cars coming from opposite directions crash into each other. These cause several fatal accidents every year. Avoiding this type of accident is all about staying in your lane, street conditions, and an awareness of traffic signs.

As you can see, all of the types of accidents are dangerous for human lives and should be prevented as much as possible on the roads. Making sure that everyone follows street rules and is never distracted while driving is the thing to do. In case you are ever in a car accident, calling 911 to report the accident as well as engaging an expert lawyer who handles car accidents is the best course of action to take. This way, the insurance claims process will get started on the right path.

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