Top 4 Proven Tips to Increase Your eBay Sales

eBay is one of the first marketplaces with almost 175 million active users worldwide. So it’s not that surprising that many sellers want to get a piece from this vast audience. With the slick and simple designs and a helpful admin panel, eBay is not only highly popular, but also pretty simple to start. However, having good sales on eBay isn’t as easy as it seems initially. 

You need to know a lot of details if you want to succeed. So, we’ve collected all the necessary steps you have to take if you want to sell more on eBay.

How to Increase Your Sales On eBay

1. Understand How eBay’s Algorithm Works

The success of nearly every online business is directly connected to search engines. Search engines, in their turn, work thanks to algorithms correctly. Now, how these algorithms work is entirely based on the platform you use. For example, eBay uses Cassini as its internal search engine.

Cassini decides which products should appear in the top results. You should meet the most important criteria – that is, to offer the best price with the best service. As a result, you will appear in the top search results and increase your revenue if you provide this.

2. Use The Right Keywords

Most customers on eBay know precisely what they look for. This means that the search inquiries are usually pretty specific on eBay. If you want to use the right keywords for your products, try to think like your potential clients. Try to perform multiple searches that can apply to the products you offer. Separate five of the words that appear the most and stick with them.

Now that you know what keywords will work best for you, try to use them correctly. Don’t stuff your keywords into your title and product description. Instead, use a few but the most important keywords.

3. Drive External Traffic To Your Listings

Your listings will work better if they have more views. That’s why you need to use every external channel to drive more traffic to your listings. Try to get visitors from as many platforms as you have. Hire a project manager that will take care of your social media channels, PPC campaigns and email marketing strategies. Also, don’t ignore the power of integration. For example, if you perform Shopify eBay integration, you’ll drive your Shopify visitors to your eBay platform and, as a result, raise your rankings.

4. Offer a Free Return Policy

Product returns are a painful topic for sellers – no one wants to get a lot of it. But having a generous return policy can get you more profit. Many users are hesitant when it comes to online shopping. The primary factor of it is not being able to tell whether they’ll get the product they hope for or not. If you provide a free return policy of 30-days, you’ll earn the trust of potential customers and get more revenue in the long run.

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Final Thoughts

eBay provides access to a big market, and firms can considerably enhance their online sales by tailoring methods to meet its specific traits. And even though it may seem overly complex to get sales, in the beginning, the profit you can get makes it worth it. Just follow the tips mentioned above to ease your journey.

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