Tips to stay safe driving a big truck in Colorado. 

Have you driven a big truck before? If yes, you can concur with the fact that as a beginner, you’ll be scared. Big trucks are dangerous on the road, and that’s why we’re looking into different ways to stay safe as you drive a big truck in Colorado.

Some of the tips to consider if you want to stay safe as you drive a big truck include:

1. Always Wear Your Seatbelt

I know it’s not your moral obligation to wear your seatbelt, but as a truck driver, you must always wear your seatbelt no matter where you go.

Not only will the police officers appreciate your optimism, but also, wearing a seatbelt is extremely safe when driving at a speed of over 70 miles per hour.

2. Check Your Book of truck rules

You should always have either an in-dash or steering wheel mount GPS unit installed to keep track of the traffic signs and road conditions.

3. Know What Your Truck Can Do

As a truck driver, you must understand your truck’s capabilities. The first thing that you must know about your truck is its top speed. If you plan on going on a road trip, it would be good to have a top speed of 70 miles per hour.

Also, make sure that your truck has enough horsepower to promptly get from point A to B.

4. Stay Alert

Regardless of the car size, a driver needs to stay alert. You should check the speed limit signs even if they are not there yet. If it is your first time on the road, ask someone to tell you safe driving rules and give you a short lesson on how to drive safely.

Remember that being a truck driver is more than just delivering goods from point A to B. It’s about driving big machinery and knowing the rules of the road.

5. Don’t Use Your Cellphone When Driving

Don’t ever use your cellphone while driving, especially when driving a big truck, because it’s dangerous. Texting and driving are some of the deadliest mistakes you can make when behind the wheel.

6. Keep Hydrated

As a truck driver, you are working for more than 40 hours a week; this means that your body needs to be hydrated all the time so that you can track and follow traffic rules without any worries.

7. Stay Back

As you drive a big truck, it is important to always maintain a safe distance while on the road. It’s not a good idea to drive too close to the car in front of you.

You’ll know when it’s time to take your feet off the brake and pull into the lane closely behind the car in front of you. This way, you’ll be able to maintain a safe distance from any vehicles that might be driving along with you.

8. Avoid Using Alcohol and Other Drugs

You should never drive under the influence. It’s not worth your life or anyone else’s life. If you have to drink, make sure that you aren’t driving a big truck, and if you must drink at work, don’t drive after your shift because it isn’t safe.

If you get caught up in an accident, feel free to contact a Colorado Truck Accident Attorney. You shouldn’t be necessarily at fault. However, if you’re being accused falsely, how will you maneuver? This is where the Colorado Car Accident Attorney comes in, and they will safeguard your best interests.


Driving a big truck can be dangerous, and you must always take precautions to stay safe on the road. The tips and information shared in this article will help you be a safe driver on the road. If you get into a car accident, you shouldn’t also hesitate to contact a Colorado Car Accident Attorney.

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