Tips To Buy the Right Backyard Playset for Kids

Backyard playsets allow kids to have fun and expend their energy. They can develop crucial social and physical skills playing on the playset. It doesn’t matter if you are parents or grandparents planning to create the backyard into a small playground for your kids or grandkids. There are many factors to consider while buying playground equipment.

Assess your needs

Before you visit online stores like Spimbley and read the awesome reviews their modular playset is getting, it is sensible to do some need assessment. You will need to consider –

  • Age of children who will use the playset.
  • Space is available in the background for the playset layout.
  • Special needs [disabilities] to be considered during selection.
  • How many kids will use the playset at the same time?

Need assessment will help you choose proper playground equipment for the backyard.


Safety is the primary concern with all kinds of playsets, swing sets, and outdoor play equipment. Some playsets need professional installment with appropriate anchoring techniques, safe hardware, and secure placement considerations.

For DIY fans, there are playsets including pre-cut parts, pre-drilled holes, pre-rounded edges, pre-numbered parts, and pre-assembled panels. The pre-engineered strong structure is designed to surpass international play equipment safety standards. It offers parents convenience and quick assembly. Kids can enjoy the unboxing and assembly experience!


The playset is available in wood, metal, and vinyl material. Understand the pros and cons before buying. Natural wood fits ideally in the backyard surrounding as it looks warm and cozy. When your kids overgrow, you can give it to another family. The metal playset is ideal for community parks and playgrounds.

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Metal equipment appears cold, hard, and uncomfortable. Unlike metal, wooden playsets don’t get too hot or cold when exposed to sunlight or frost. It means kids’ bodies are safe when they play.

Wood and metal playset need maintenance, while vinyl playset is low maintenance. It does not need painting or sanding. The vinyl playset contains wood, which is surrounded by PVC vinyl coating. The vinyl playset coating is durable but the interior wood core can rot and you cannot salvage it. However, in terms of style wooden playsets are highly popular and they are less expensive than vinyl equipment.

Consider seasonal discounts

A modular playset can cost a decent amount, so it is natural to look for deals, where you can save some cash. Early spring is the peak season because the outdoor environment is in bloom, so wooden swing set prices skyrocket. Never let price tags stop you.

Check regularly because there are times when online stores like Spimbey offer discounts. At the time of writing, they are hosting a Memorial Day sales discount of 30% all through May. You can choose the Colossus Deluxe Playset for $4,599 or the Monty Playset for $2,499 or the Suboo Playset for $3,799. Check their website for 30% discounts on an array of play equipment.

Make sure to buy a backyard playset from an experienced and reputable playset dealer!

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