Things consumers should buy to keep safe when riding a motorcycle 

Taking to the road on your motorcycle can provide freedom like no other. However, it can put you at a grave disadvantage when it comes to vehicle accidents. To stay safe while you’re riding, it’s important to invest in the right safety items.

DOT-Approved Helmet

The first piece of safety equipment that you’re going to want to purchase is a helmet. There are many different styles out there, including closed face, open face, and skull caps. Apart from helping to protect your head in the event of a collision, helmets are great for fending off bugs, sunlight, and wind. Make sure that you purchase a helmet that is DOT-approved, as this ensures that it meets the highest standard of safety recognized by the Department of Transportation.

Protective Jacket

A jacket is a necessary piece of equipment that you should have available to you while you’re riding. First and foremost, it can help to break the wind and keep you comfortable when riding. Second, it can create a protective barrier between your body and the roadway in the event of an accident. Opt for leather or newer kevlar material that allows for smooth interaction. This helps to ensure that you slide across the pavement instead of getting caught up and tumbling across it.

Riding Pants / Chaps

You want to be protecting your legs while you’re riding. A good pair of riding pants or a pair of chaps to go over whatever pants you choose to wear can provide this necessary protection. These items protect you from flying rocks, bugs, and contact with the pavement in the event of an accident. They also work to keep you warm while riding in colder conditions.

Eye Protection

When you’re on a bike, you don’t have a visor to pull down, and there’s no cabin to protect you against the direct sunlight. Rather, you need to have some sort of eye protection to help you maneuver during sunny days. You can opt for a full-face helmet to protect your eyes from foreign objects like bugs and flying rocks. Otherwise, opt for shatter-resistant glasses. While sunglasses are an ideal choice during the day, you should also have a pair of night glasses to protect against flying debris.

Bright Clothing

Any motorcycle accident attorney will tell you that having bright-colored clothing on while riding can reduce your risk of being involved in an accident. Since your motorcycle is nowhere as big as other vehicles on the roadway, it can be harder for other drivers to adequately see you. Opting to wear bright-colored clothing can help other drivers pick you out on the roadway much sooner. When it comes to the evening hours, be sure to wear reflective clothing.


Boots are an ideal choice when riding motorcycle as they allow you the ability to protect your feet and ankles from flying debris and burns. Make sure that any boots that you purchase go up to at least your ankles or higher. You should consider a pair that has non-skid soles so that you can adequately grip the ground no matter what the weather conditions are.

As you decide to jump on your bike to enjoy the highway, you should be gearing up with the proper safety equipment. Make sure that you have, at the bare minimum, all the pieces of safety equipment that we went over above. These can help to save your life and prevent unnecessary accidents.

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