The Best Skin Care Routine

The best skin care routine begins with a gentle nighttime cleanser. This step is necessary to remove dead skin cells. It also helps products absorb better. Exfoliation should take place at least twice a week. You should use a mild exfoliator two to three times a week, ideally once or twice in the morning and once or twice at night. The process will improve your skin’s tone and texture.

When selecting the best skin care routine, consider the type of skin you have. If you have oily skin, try a sulfate-free cleanser that will keep your skin clear. However, you should choose one with a gentle lather. For dry or normal complexions, look for products with glycolic acid. These help dissolve dry surface cells and promote smoother, softer, more supple radiance. Using a glycolic acid-based product like Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel is also a great on-the-go solution for oily or blemished skin.

If your skin is acne-prone, you should use a retinol-based skin-care product. This form of vitamin A is the gold standard for treating acne and wrinkles. It speeds up skin-cell turnover and increases the production of collagen. However, some retinol creams can be irritating and should only be used after consulting a dermatologist. Avene is a good option as it contains a hydrating thermal spring water and a pro-elastin peptide that helps reduce fine lines and protects the body from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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