Speakers to Provide Entertainment at a Private Party

Speakers are one of the best ways to brighten up an event and make it incredible for everyone attending.  Not only will this give them the chance to inspire your crowd, but you’ll also offer an experience few would get to enjoy otherwise.

These are the top types of speakers you should consider for your event and what they each bring to the table.

Difference Between MC and Speaker

Before you hire someone to be the speaker at your event, it’s vital that you get to know the difference between a speaker and an MC, so you don’t hire someone for the wrong role.  A speaker at an event is someone who makes a statement or speech to the crowd, introducing the event, or simply going over the information that’s been requested of them.

An MC, on the other hand, is the host of the ceremony.  This person introduces everyone who comes on stage, guides the event through the scheduled activities, and keeps the mood up for the entire event.  Every event is different: but it’s vital that if you hire a speaker, you’re not actually looking for an MC.

Celebrity Speakers

Celebrity speakers are an obvious choice that can push your event further towards seeming legitimate and well funded.  Look for a celebrity speaker like Angelique Bates who can offer personality, class, and comedy while also offering an experience most of your guests won’t be able to say they’ve had otherwise.

When hiring a celebrity speaker, it’s vital that you plan ahead as early as possible and ensure you’ve budgeted for this so that you don’t end up surprised with a large bill or are unable to hire them in the long run.  You don’t need a celebrity speaker: but if you hire one, it’s vital that you’re able to pay them.

Comedian Speakers

Comedians can brighten any room and bring together a group of people who might have otherwise been bored or eager to leave and go home.  Hiring a comedian gives you the opportunity to encourage interaction between the speaker and the crowd and can lighten up even the most ordinary of conferences or events.  Make sure when you hire a comedian, you look for someone with a sense of humor that works for your audience.

Professional Speakers

If you hire a professional who’s well respected in their field to speak at your event: make sure they work well with the theme or purpose of the event.  Not only can they make the subject more interesting and personal, but they may offer insight that others wouldn’t be able to offer the audience.  This is a powerful tool.

Motivational Speakers

If this is a corporate event and you want to take it to the next level and inspire people to have a great time and leave with confidence in themselves, consider hiring motivational speakers!  These professionals can uplift spirits and leave people secure and confident in what they’re doing.

Your Event Can Be Incredible

You don’t have to hire ten bands and a circus to make your event incredible: but you should make sure that when people are speaking, they’re listened to and wowing the crowd.  Consider some of these awesome types of speakers, and take your event up to the next level.

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