Seeking a Birth Injury Claim: What Parents Should Know

A birth injury can lead to serious damage. A child needs to deal with the lifelong impacts of the injury and their family also suffers due to a negligent medical expert. 

In birth injury cases, parents can pursue significant compensation due to the nature of the damages endured. If your child sustained a birth injury, a reliable attorney who specializes in birth injuries can represent you. 

The Amount of Compensation You May be Able to Get

Parents of a child who sustained a birth injury can recover compensation in a birth injury settlement or lawsuit. They want to hold the medical professional accountable for their negligence, especially since the costs of the injuries tend to add up quickly. The value of a claim in birth injury cases depends on some factors including the seriousness of the injury and how this injury has affected the life of the child and their family. 

Understanding Damages in Birth Injury Claims

When you file a birth injury claim within your child’s first years, it can be difficult to understand the nature of their injuries. Damages in birth injury claims refer to financial losses such as medical costs and lost wages as well as emotional and physical trauma. Such damages include the lifetime consequences of a birth injury like long-term care and disability. 

The damages can be significant, particularly if the newborn sustained a severe condition such as cerebral palsy or other kinds of brain damage. Apart from immediate medical care, the child may also need lifetime care and medical equipment to help them live a comfortable life. Additionally, due to the injury’s physical and cognitive aspects, your child may have difficulty making a living. Your claim includes these economic costs, together with the injuries’ emotional trauma. Overall, you can recover compensation for medical costs, future medical expenses, a life care plan, lost earning potential, lost wages, mental anguish, pain and suffering, disability, and loss of life enjoyment. 

How Attorneys Calculate Birth Injury Settlements

Calculating a fair birth injury settlement should include the lifetime costs of the child’s injuries. Because it includes the immediate treatment costs and any necessary future medical care, it is best to establish a Life Care Plan. In this case, it is important for parents to work with financial and medical experts who can review the nature and extent of their child’s injuries. This allows them to determine necessary future expenses. Also, it is imperative to determine the possible effect of the birth injury on the future career of the child and their ability to work. 

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