Safest Credit Cards For Online Purchases

The concept of a credit card first got mentioned in literature’s utopian-themed classic Looking Backward by Edward Bellay, published in 1887. Yet, the first credit card that fits the modern definition of the word got introduced by the Diners Club in 1950. Today, around 20% of the world’s population has credit cards, and there are over one billion of these pieces of plastic circulating in the US alone.

While novel ways to transact over the internet keep popping up, credit card utilization is a simple and reliable option that most people are familiar with and feel comfortable using. Nowadays, virtually everyone grasps how to use a credit card for shopping. Online and offline. In 2021, an estimated 2.14 billion people from all corners of the globe bought goods via the World Wide Web. Of these shoppers, somewhere in the neighborhood of 33% employed a credit card when completing internet purchases.

Below, we will list the ten safest credit cards for online shopping while also answering the following questions:

  •       Is it safe to shop online with a credit card?
  •       What is the safest credit card to have?
  •       What card should I use for online shopping?
  •       What is the best cashback for online purchases?
  •       What is the best online rewards program?

Is It Safe To Shop Online With A Credit Card?

In general, online credit shopping through a reputable card is super safe. Issuing financial institutions/banks do everything in their power to ensure that their customers get protected from identity theft and fraud. When they fall prey to these scams, it is predominately their fault.

All users have to do to guarantee that their credit card transactions go through successfully is: to shop from a trusted network, never use sites that do not encrypt data, have anti-malware software installed, and learn how to stop phishing websites.

Most banks now allow credit for online shopping through a virtual card number, also known as a controlled payment figure, which cannot get traced back to the user’s real one, as the one on the issuing card never gets involved in said money transfers. Moreover, all renowned banks get mandated to implement the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It makes credit card fraud almost impossible to pull off, thanks to periodical info checks and validation compliance.

Safest Credit Cards For Online Shopping

There are six types of credit cards. However, there are thousands of different cards in circulation, as one bank or organization can issue up to a dozen different ones with credit for online shopping. Therefore, the competition for the title – best credit card for online shopping is vas.

What follows is a list, aggregated using different polls, that rattles off what many online shoppers believe to be the most secure credit cards for online purchases:

  •       Visa Pre-Paid Card – Visa, by far has the most credit cards in circulation than any other company, with around 838 million. Their pre-paid solution is one favored by many. Particularly those that like to do some online betting with credit cards.
  •       Amazon Prime Rewards – This is the world’s most popular e-commerce company’s co-branded signature Visa card, which offers a 5% cash back on purchases made at Whole Foods and Amazon.
  •       Capital One QuickSilver – The main reason users love Capital One’s QuickSilver card is that it allows them to earn unlimited cash back of 1.5% on every purchase, anywhere. It is a card that boasts a highly touted cash-back online shopping scheme.
  •       Discover It Cash Back – Here is another cash back rewards card that gives away 5% of customers’ money back when these people spend their hard-earned dollars at select stores/venues. It has no annual fees and supplies an automatic 1% cashback on all purchases.
  •       Citi Double Cash Card – The Citi Double Cash Card is a MasterCard credit card featuring a 2% cash back. Though, it yields this reward in two parts. Users get a 1$ cash back when they make a purchase and an extra 1% when they pay for it.
  •       American Express Gold Card AE’s Gold Card has an annual fee of $250, and it features a point-collecting scheme with high rewards earnings possibilities.
  •       Ink Business Card – People that pay their bills online can see great benefit from the Ink Business Card, which offers a 5% cash back on phone, cable, and internet bills and a 1% one on all general purchases.
  •       Chase Freedom Flex – Chase’s Freedom Flex card can earn holders 5% cash back up to $1,500 each quarter on combined purchases in distinct bonus categories and a 1% on general ones.
  •       Capital One Walmart Rewards MasterCard – Those that shop at Walmart must get this card, as it has no annual fee and will earn them 5% back on their purchases at, plus make them eligible for rewards elsewhere.
  •       Costco Anywhere Visa – Undoubtedly, this is one of Citi’s best cash back rewards cards exclusively created for Costco members. It lets them earn Costco cash rewards anywhere Visa gets accepted and has no annual fee.

Tips for Keeping Your Credit Card Safe

Things everyone should do when paying for goods and services online using their credit card include:

  •       Keep all information up-to-date – It helps banks keep track of suspicious activity.
  •       Secure all devices – Turn off autofill actions or any function that stores data in a browser. Also, anti-virus/malware software is a necessity.
  •       Check for data encryption – Always look for the lock icon in your address bar. It signifies that your merchant uses SSL data ciphering technology.
  •       Never use public Wi-Fi to shop – These networks can get monitored, and nefarious parties may record shoppers’ keystrokes.
  •       Use 2FA – Almost all credit card apps these days have a broad range of security features. The main one is setting an extra layer of authentication that limits account use to only authorized individuals.
  •       Keep your account number private – It is a no-brainer that is still worth mentioning. Do not share it with friends and family, as it may get stolen from them.

To Wrap Up

Which credit card is best for shopping online? That entirely depends on a person’s needs and preferences. The stores where they most frequently shop online and their credit scores play the most pivotal roles in what card suits what user. The ones from Visa offer the highest acceptance rate. Nevertheless, they are not as competitive concerning cash back rewards schemes. In that department, Capital One’s QuickSilver card and the ones from Discover are prime choices.

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