Reasons to Hire an academic appeals attorney 

Students put so much effort, time, and money into their studies. But in the process of getting their diploma, a lot can happen. Sometimes they are accused of plagiarism, cheating, or face expulsion or dismissal for some reason. As a student, you will have an opportunity to defend yourself by appearing before a disciplinary or academic appeal panel. The result from this hearing will impact your professional life afterward. That is why you must take the help of an attorney for academic appeals

Who is an academic appeals attorney

An academic appeals attorney is a college legal counselor who understands the student’s rights and helps them submit their appeals to the court.

The lawyer helps the students to make a legal case by gathering evidence and facts and assisting them in writing an appeal to submit it to the college.

When do you need an academic appeals attorney?

  • If the university cancels your registration and this decision will impact your academic progress, you must bring an academic appeals attorney.
  • If you are not being awarded, your studies might get terminated. This is unfair because a student has put so much effort and investment into the certification/diploma.
  • If your award is reduced after the probation and that feels dissatisfying to you.
  • If your qualification was reduced than what you had studied for.
  • If your studies were terminated, for e.g. you are given an option to retake your previously failed exam without living on the campus.
  • Your performance might have been affected if you were bullied by seniors or teachers, received ineffective assistance, or fell sick during the examination.

Why do you need an academic appeals attorney?

  • Your academic appeals attorney will be available and accessible to you from the beginning of your case, and you can rely on them.
  • If your academic institution’s judgment does not favor you, you can trust your academic appeals attorney.
  • Chances of your successful outcomes are higher because even though the case may have complexities, an experienced attorney knows how to deal with it.
  • Appeals made on your own might put you at risk of legal repercussions. An attorney can provide you with legal protection.
  • The process of appealing is tedious and daunting; he can accelerate the process with better results.
  • The panel can ask inappropriate and confrontational questions from the student, which can be damaging to them. An experienced attorney will defend and support the student against such questions.

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