Prioritize Your Health With Travel Vaccines

Do you wish to visit the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean or go on an African safari? Don’t allow concerns about tropical illnesses to stop you. The nurse practitioner Humble, TX, at Calvary Urgent Care, is willing to educate you and administer the vaccinations you need to ensure you have a mind-blowing vacation.

The essence of travel vaccines

Travel immunizations, also known as travel vaccines, are shots you receive to strengthen your immunity against certain life-threatening illnesses before traveling to specific areas. Vaccinations expose your body to germs from the disease you seek protection. You can’t get sick from the vaccinations because the medical experts kill or severely weaken them before administering them to patients. Your body then naturally responds to the foreign germs by producing antibodies that prevent you from getting sick in case of exposure in the future. Travel vaccines enable you to enjoy your vacation without worrying about carrying home more than you bargained for.

Knowing when and what vaccines you need

Specific travel vaccines are a requirement for most international vaccinations. For instance, if you are visiting the United Kingdom (UK), you may need to revisit your vaccination history and ensure that you are on top of all the adult-recommended vaccines. Such vaccines include the Tdap vaccination, covering pertussis, tetanus, diphtheria, and the annual flu shot. If you are visiting certain parts of Africa, you may need vaccines against typhoid, cholera, or yellow fever.

Most individuals assume a standard set of vaccines for each destination. But everyone has a different risk profile depending on the area of accommodation. For instance, a business executive planning to stay at a 5-star in Thailand and a college student visiting a rural site in the same country will have different vaccinations.

Before setting off for your vacation or business trip, you can contact the Calvary Urgent Care team, who will walk you through the vaccinations you need to keep you safe. It will help if you inform your doctor of any chronic illnesses or allergies you may have to ensure that you receive personalized and excellent care.

The consistency of travel vaccines recommendations

While most region-specific or country-specific travel vaccinations remain constant throughout, medical experts may add several vaccines to the list whenever an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable illness occurs. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) assumes the responsibility of developing and updating the recommendations for travel immunization. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site provides the most current vaccine recommendations.

Basic steps for protecting yourself while traveling

Common sense and good hygiene may seem basic, but they are crucial when shielding yourself from certain diseases. For instance, washing your hands before a meal and not touching your face or licking your fingers can significantly reduce your risk of getting a food-borne or diarrheal disease. The Calvary Urgent Care team also recommends applying insect repellent to prevent insect bites that may lead to illnesses such as malaria.

Educate yourself about the preventive measures you need to take before traveling. Call the Calvary Urgent Care office for more information about travel vaccines or book your spot online.

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