Parents Can Use these Tips to Keep Kids Safe on Snapchat

Ever since Snapchat made an entry into the world of social media, it was quick to grab everybody’s attention—especially that of kids and teens. With social media apps continuously popping out in the market, it becomes hard for the younger generation to decide which one works out best for them.

However, with Snapchat, the story is different. This social media app became everybody’s instant favourite ever since it was launched. The reason why Snapchat Mod APK is so popular among kids and teens is that the app lets its users send “snaps” in the form of text messages, photos, or videos that disappear as soon as they are viewed.

Because of this particular feature of Snapchat that lets users send snaps of fleeting nature, this app is most liked by the new generation as they can have a casual conversation with the other person without leaving a record of any chats that they have on the platform.

As the app allows the kids to exchange messages with one another in a private setting, it can also pose serious dangers to them. Snapchat has different features that can be extremely harmful to the mental and physical wellbeing of kids. Parents that are concerned about their kids using and spending too much time on Snapchat can learn how to hack someones Snapchat by using an effective Snapchat monitoring tool.

In this article, we will first understand how Snapchat can be dangerous for kids and what tips parents can follow to protect kids from the dangers of Snapchat.

How is Snapchat Dangerous for Kids?

All social media apps including Snapchat are continuously evolving with time and releasing new features and privacy settings. While there is no denying that most of the latest features of Snapchat are exciting and harmless, they still might be potentially dangerous to kids.

Snap Map is a feature of Snapchat that allows users to share their geolocation on a real map. You can use this feature to find the whereabouts of someone. While this particular feature is useful when it comes to knowing about someone’s location, it can put your kid in a risky situation because it shares the specific location of your kid including the building or house they’re in.

Since your kid’s location can be shared as a Story on the app, it can be viewed by people who are not even on their friend’s list and can expose your kid to inappropriate and harmful Snapchat users.

Parents can use safety measures such as monitoring and parental control apps as well as Snapchat’s privacy settings to keep kids safe on the app. They can also discuss the Snap Map feature with their kids and tell them how to be careful while sharing their location with others on the app.

As the app is free to join, any person can install the app and benefit from its features. Even people with evil intentions have joined the app to seek pleasure in different ways. Many people use Snapchat to sell drugs to young kids and teens.

On the other hand, online threats such as cyberbullying, pornography, and sexting have become quite prevalent on the app. Hence, parents become more concerned than ever when they see their kids spending too much time on the app. At this point, they can only think of ways to keep their kids protected from Snapchat dangers.

Tips to Keep Kids Safe on Snapchat

All parents should consider using some sort of monitoring tool to keep a check on their kid’s social media activity including apps like Snapchat. It is best to consider a monitoring solution that also teaches you how to hack a phone of your kid completely.

If you’re a concerned parent and you want your kids to be safe on Snapchat, then it is better to install a reliable and effective monitoring app on their smartphone. Besides, you can consider enabling Snapchat parental controls through the privacy settings. This will help you monitor your kid’s Snapchat activity effectively.

Block Strangers on Your Kid’s Snapchat Account

You can block strangers from reaching out to your kid on Snapchat by making some changes in the Settings of the app. To do that, you need to open the Settings. Under the “Contact Me” and “View My Story” category, you need to select “My Friends” instead of “Everyone”. Now, only the people your kid has added to their Snapchat account can reach out to them and view their snaps.

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Hide Your Kid’s Location

You can also hide your kid’s location on Snapchat from people, including their friends. To do that, you need to open the Settings again and then tap “See My Location”. Here you need to toggle on the “Ghost Mode”. When the Ghost Mode is turned on, nobody, including your kid’s friends, can see their location.

Remove Quick Add Setting on Your Kid’s Snapchat

Quick Add is a setting on the Snapchat app that offers friends’ recommendations to Snapchat users. You can remove this setting on your kid’s Snapchat so the app does not recommend their account to other Snapchat users. To make sure no other Snapchat user sees a recommendation to “friend” your kid, you need to head to the Settings once again, tap “Show Me in Quick Add” and then toggle the switch off.

Protect Your Kid’s Phone Number

It is easier for people to find your kid on Snapchat if they know their cell phone number. If you do not want people to reach out to your kid on the app even after knowing their phone number, then you need to make some changes in the Settings. Simply open Settings on their app, tap “Mobile Number” and then untoggle the option stating “Let others find me using my mobile number”.

Install Monitoring App

Last but not least, you can install a professional and effective cell phone monitoring app on your kid’s smartphone to monitor your kid’s cell phone and social media activity including Snapchat activity. With the help of the monitoring app, you can view all the chats your kid is having with others on the app.

This will help you know whether or not your kid is going through a difficult situation in their life. It will also alert you once you find your kid communicating with a stranger who turns out to be a pedophile or bully.

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It’s imperative to be aware of all activities your kid is indulged while they are using the Snapchat app and that’s only possible when you install a monitoring app on their phone and enable privacy settings on the Snapchat app.

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