Online Schools – A Surprisingly Good Turn of Events

A surprisingly good turn of events is that districts are now racing to open full-fledged online schools. Although remote learning has halted academic progress and has harmed emotional health, some lawmakers and parents are calling for a reversal of the trend. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced that there will be no remote learning option for students in the state this fall. Some online schools pack 80 or more students into live group video lessons.

But with a reversal of fortune, many parents of children who have been out of school for a long time have found online schools to be a surprisingly good turn of events. The Huntsville City School District started a virtual academy last summer. Advertised as a self-paced, flexible learning option, the program later introduced a teacher-directed model this semester. To access group video classes, students must log in and turn on cameras.

Somerville Public Schools has also implemented tutor for learn English by skype a program to enable remote students to take its online classes. Known as the Florida Virtual School, the program is free for students living outside the city limits. Ms. Rodrigues enrolled her son, Miles, in December. After two live video classes, Miles was bored and she thought that virtual school would be more enjoyable. She could also monitor her son’s progress. The program has been a remarkably good turn of events for some families.

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