Nutaku Announces Strategic Expansion

A new investment portfolio, new app for Android, and queer adult video games are all part of Nutaku’s strategic expansion. Read on to learn more about the company and its future plans. We’ve also discussed Nutaku’s growing mobile user base and its new adult game shop. Here’s what we think about these three areas. How will Nutaku’s expansion impact the industry?

Nutaku’s new investment portfolio

Adult gaming site Nutaku will invest $5 million in games focusing on the LGBTQ+ community. The initiative, which will last for three years, was announced during Pride month. The site already has 40 LGBTQ+ projects in its pipeline. In order to help support the LGBTQ+ community, the company will also provide perks for TechRaptor members. Those who join TechRaptor participate in an affiliate linking program with Nutaku.

The LGBTQ+ section of the site debuted last October and includes separate sections for Gay, Lesbian, and Tran’s content. There are more than 40 games in the LGBTQ+ section of the website. Some of them include a gay farming sim called Cockville. A portion of the funds raised from the fund will go towards assisting developers release inclusive versions of popular titles. Two games that have already received funding from Nutaku’s new investment portfolio have gay versions.

Its growing mobile user base

With over 55 million monthly users, Nutaku is making a big push into the mobile game market. The company recently announced plans to revamp its website, which includes a prominent sex preference selector, a dynamic search bar, improved game filtering, a dark mode, and a quick access sidebar. Despite a stigma attached to adult content, Nutaku has experienced tremendous growth.

The company recently revamped its website, and is adding features requested by its mobile users. The aim of this strategic expansion is to make Nutaku’s platform more accessible to the 25 million registered users. The company also aims to make the game more accessible to Android users, which makes up 23% of the user base. While the company isn’t releasing a native Android app, it has launched a beta version.

The mobile user base of Nutaku has increased by 60 percent in the past year, and the number of monthly users has more than doubled every year. Over half of Nutaku’s subscribers access the service through a mobile device, which is an impressive feat considering the growing number of mobile users. The website currently boasts over forty-five million monthly users and one hundred and twenty million visitors per month. Nutaku also claims that thirteen million of its users are female, and two million are LGBTQ+.

Its new adult game shop for Android

If you’re looking for a great new place to play adult games, you’ll love Nutaku’s new Android store. It has a large selection of apps and games designed specifically for adults. You can choose from games in all genres, including role-playing and simulations, and browse through categories to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in a particular genre, you might also want to check out Nutaku’s website in satta-king-india.

The new Nutaku Android app lets you download and manage your Android games, and even update them with a simple tap. This means no more uninstalling games or having to navigate to the Nutaku site to get the latest updates. Plus, you can search for a specific game title or tag. And, if you want to try out a specific adult genre, you can search for it with a tap.

Its expansion into queer adult video games

Adult video game publisher and distributor Nutaku has announced its strategic expansion into the LGBTQ+ gaming market with a $5 million investment fund. The fund will help queer game developers around the world release inclusive versions of their games. The fund will help support more queer content in the gaming industry, with the aim of becoming a “prime source of LGBTQ+ content.”

The new UI is designed with queer people in mind, with an option to filter out hetero pairings in the search results in teachertn. Users can choose several filters to exclude hetero pairings or browse by price and genre. Users can also provide feedback through Nutaku’s Discord channel. The new site will also be live in July. But if you’re a gamer who wants to see the latest reviews on adult games, check out Nutaku on Android.

To conclude

The company has also launched a desktop client for PC, similar to Steam. The desktop client will incorporate automatic game updates. In addition, users can purchase Nutaku games with Verge cryptocurrency, which is accepted on many adult websites. Verge is said to be the most anonymous digital currency for online transactions. Aside from these changes, Nutaku has already launched a beta version of its desktop client in November last year.

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