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The Korean Film Archive, formerly known as the Korean Federation of National Film Archives, is the only film archive in South Korea with nationwide coverage. The archives were founded in 1974 as a non-profit organization in Seoul. It is a great way to explore the history of Korean film in South Korea. Among its most popular collections are countless classic films from the early days of the country to more modern eras. The Korean Film Library is also an important resource for Korean cinema, with more than a million films from around the world.

The Korean Film Archive is an excellent resource for anyone interested in Korea’s history, culture, and art. The site offers basic information on each film, such as the title, release date, director, composer, cinematographer, cast, and genre. You can also search by subject to find the exact film you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a movie to watch or a documentary to watch, there’s something for everyone at the KOFA.

The KOFA is a great resource for those interested in the history of Korean cinema. Its collection includes almost all films made in Korea. It also features valuable materials such as posters, advertisements, and other related documents. As we move toward a digital society, the importance of video data has grown. KOFA plays an invaluable role in preserving video data, including film and TV productions. Its three main management goals include:

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