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Is Purchasing An Electric Fireplace A Wise Decision?

If you avoid having a fireplace or simply would like to steer clear of the trouble of a wood-burning or gas fireplace, electric fireplaces are the best alternative. This kind of fireplace will be affordable, simple to set up, and is available in the wide variety associated with different styles. With regard to only a few 100 dollars, you may add a comfortable and cozy fireplace for your home—the ideal spot to curl upward next to upon chilly winter evenings.

How Much Will It Cost in order to Add an Electrical Fireplace?

An electric fireplace will set you back around $700 on average. Depending upon the size plus type of fireplace, you can spend as little as one hundred dollars. Electric fireplaces are usually much less costly than the price of setting up a fireplace or even wood stove, which may run from eight hundred fifty dollars to $3, five-hundred. Get an excellent fireplace buying guide and solution from expert.

Pros of the Electric Open fireplace

If weighing the good qualities and even cons of various forms of fireplaces, you will want to figure out which fits greatest into the lifestyle plus plans. Electric fireplaces are affordable, simple to install, and need minimal maintenance.


Electric fireplaces are usually much more affordable compared to other types associated with fireplaces. Within contrast, electric fireplaces cost only a couple of hundred dollars.


Electric fireplaces do not require a gasoline line, chimney, or even other infrastructure. A person can install all of them anywhere there is an energy outlet, and many homeowners can take the DIY approach in order to have an electric fireplace insert.

If you need to insert your own fireplace into the wall, you may want the particular help of the carpenter or electrical contractor. You are able to contact the fireplace installation organization near you for any customized quote.

Simple to Maintain

Electric fireplaces don’t emit dangerous fumes like co2 and carbon monoxide. They do not really require a fireplace, venting, or checking. They do not really produce any soot or ash, therefore they’re simple to completely clean and protect. Because electric fireplaces don’t burn or even use combustible gas, they don’t rust, plus they wear away very slowly. This particularly implies that they could finish many years more time than their fantastic counterparts.

Cons associated with an Electric Fireplace

When electric fireplaces could be an attractive and cost-effective option, they’re not necessarily the best choice for all property owners. Here are several reasons why you might like to consider another sort of fireplace.

Not necessarily as Warm being a Real Fire

Seldom count on a great electric fireplace water heater to warm your own home. Most electric powered fireplaces don’t give off more than a few, 000 BTUs, which often is about as much heat as four or 5 pilot lights. Although they can continue to add a tiny warmth to the chilly room, they are not almost as cozy being a conventional wood-burning fire.

Just Semi-Realistic Physical appearance

Even though the aesthetics associated with electrical fireplaces have improved in recent years, they may still sometimes appear lower than authentic. These people also lack the particular smell of woodsmoke and the crackling sound of the real fire. In the event you’re hoping to see enjoyable by a roaring fire on some sort of cold winter nights, the fireplace might not exactly really scratch typically the same itch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worthwhile to invest in an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are an attractive and cost-effective option. They’re especially well-suited to house owners on a small budget or those people who require an open fireplace with minimal repair.

Do fireplaces maximize your home’s price?

Fireplaces increase the home’s value by simply as much like 12%. While natural gas and wood-burning fireplaces are usually more valuable, electric powered fireplaces continue to be able to provide a home’s value.

Do electric fireplaces use a great deal of electricity?

Electric powered fireplaces show in order to use average regarding $1. 85 regarding electricity every 8-10 hours. These little operational costs are not more likely to make a huge difference in your current electric bill.

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