Introduction to Autosar Embedded and Electric Motor Course

The electric motor course will help a beginner to understand the concept of various electric motors their applications and their requirements. It will analyse the principles of the most important issue and will make an individual understand the concepts of its testing, building, maintenance, control, protection, proper management and specification of motors.

This course will not only deal with the traditional motors that perform on a fixed voltage but will also provide the beginners with some specific strategies on how to employ tools and use them for the proper performance of the electric motors.

The course mainly discusses the Squirrel Cage Induction Motor; however, keeping in mind the Permanent Magnet, Wound Rotor, and Synchronous Motors to be discussed as well. The torque which is produced by the motor shaft is basically the performance indicator of the motors. The course will also make the beginners accustomed to the common motor failures and thus learn how to improve them in future.

Autosar embedded course

Similarly, Autosar embedded course also helps to learn new skills in order to save the hardware from damage. Like if the hardware is replaced, there might be a danger of updating it with similar functions. So, to avoid such a situation, an Autosar software Is developed.

Its syllabus covers a wide variety of electronic and electrical complexities. Also, the learners get to learn about de various tools like MATLAB and SIMULINK, which are required for Automotive Software Development.

The learners that are a beginner or experienced ones after gaining knowledge on this course can magnify it further for automotive embedded systems.

Who Should Do This Course?

Any student can apply for this course or any student whose background is in electronics, electrical and embedded systems. Similarly, besides a student, an engineer who has knowledge about automotive OEMs or wants to change his experience in this field can also learn the same.

How much experience one should have to apply for this course?

Any individual who has an experience in the domain of Embedded Software Development can apply for this course.

What will one gain after the Autosar embedded and electric motor course?

It will help an individual learn the various basic skills that are required for the automotive embedded system. He or she will gain experience in such a field. The following objectives that will be learned are-

  • Code generation
  • Simulations
  • A basic overview of various domains in it.
  • Demands in software development in the industries.
  • Loop testing software.
  • Validation.


In short, a beginner will vet to learn the skills required in the engineering world. On the other side, an engineer will magnify their experience although he/she might have hands-on experience in this field. It aims to showcase how the electric motor performs and study the application of Autosar embedded software.

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