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What are some ways to get a hot, and sometimes really hot, group of people to offer you some kind of a product? You’ll get to know in this article. To get the attention of a group of long-term viewers, these people need to buy something from you, and for that you need to put a lot of effort, time, and most importantly, money. But our world doesn’t stand still, and with the strategies we discuss below, you can get coveted and enthusiastic supporters.

Engaging your audience

Unfortunately, this method isn’t free, but it’s cheap. If you started with an Instagram account, you can buy Instagram followers early in your career to get a certain amount of viewers right away. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to wait long for results. You just need to pay for the service and choose your target audience. Immediately after that, you will be notified of new readers.

Expert and interesting content for social networks.

We’ll look at the help of an exceptional real estate agent to help you avoid falling into the bait of scammers. Once a person has gone wild and written down an address in the coordinates, they’ve fallen into your trap, and now the most important thing is to gently pull it out and throw it in the bucket. How do they do that? Really, exceptionally simple. Involvement content on Instagram will help the customer expand his interests and jump to your bucket and take a look at you and your content.

It’s very important that you don’t neglect your personal life if you have a personal blog, because almost everything is extremely important. If you decide to share, in this case you will not keep the approver for long, he will quickly return to his previous interests. This method is good for you if, for whatever reason, if you want to go further after you buy real Instagram followers or if this method alone isn’t enough for you.

Third thing. Traffic through video triggers.

What this will lead to. Create a TikTok account or use Reels on Instagram. Record a video on your topic in which you talk about a very important issue in your field and then call for action. For example, explain that you know how to buy a loft and not fall for scammers. They ask observers to get in touch with the coordinates and just discuss all the possibilities of blackmail.

What happened? You triggered people’s emotions in a painful way, meaning you said you might fall for the scammers, then the trigger went off, and they got scared of losing money, and then you showed up. You act like a superhero telling them how to protect themselves from scammers.

Touching a major magnet.

And now is the time when you are already very gullible and need to start selling your products/services as soon as possible.

Now that they want to trust us and listen, we need to get user contacts in a legitimate way, which means we can set up a webinar on how to sell your condo quickly and move into a new building.

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