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injecting fillers under the eyes Solve the problem of dark eyes

The problem of dark eyes, deep under the eyes, resulting in a noticeably shabby face. looks like a sleepyhead Tired all the time It also makes the face look older than it really is. Therefore, to slow down these problems to occur. We should take good care of the skin around the eyes. including physical health Because just a few days of sleep deprivation can cause problems under the eyes as well.

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The problem of dark eyes Deep under eyes can be easily corrected by injecting fillers under the eyes. Because it’s a way to see results clearly. and the fastest Helps under the eyes to look bright, deep grooves or wrinkles look shallow again.

What causes problems under the eyes?

Problems under the eyes, whether it’s dark under the eyes, deep under the eyes, wrinkles, and tear grooves can occur for many reasons. The main reasons that cause these problems are:

Genetics of people of certain races, such as guests, Arabs, will have a lot of pigment accumulated around the eyes. Therefore, it makes the eyes look darker. and eye sockets deeper than other races

skin structure changes As the age increases collapse or atrophy of the bones and fat around the eyes including collagen deterioration of elastin causing problems under the eyes to have tears can deepen under the eyes

Daily behavior, such as people who are sleep deprived on a regular basis. You can notice that waking up is not bright. As the day progresses, problems under the eyes begin to occur. Even if the age is not much, such as dark circles under the eyes, dozens of eyes. In addition, people who like to rub their eyes. Or wipe the makeup around the eyes vigorously, etc., it contributes to the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes more easily.

 – Allergy symptoms, mostly allergic people When faced with dust, fur, pollen, etc., the nose is prone to congestion. Or sneezing often, which will result in inflammation of the nasal mucosa. and veins are more difficult to flow through causing the veins to expand Can become dark circles around the eyes

Solve problems under the eyes with fillers

injecting fillers under the eyes It is a filler of hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid) or HA into the area under the eyes that have problems to help smooth under the eyes, tear lines or wrinkles look shallow, thus resulting in Make dark circles look faded as well. Suitable for people with deep under eye problems, dark circles, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, clear tear ducts. I want to fix these problems. Make the eyes and face back bright. look fuller again

which injecting fillers under the eyes Better results can be seen immediately after the procedure. Plus, there is no need to recuperate to waste time. Moreover, the results persist for about 18-24 months. But it depends on the brand and model of the filler we inject. By injecting fillers under the eyes with Hyaluronic Acid, it is a solution to the problem under the eyes that can see results clearly and quickly. It is also safe. Because this substance can decompose completely by itself. harmless to the body

injecting fillers under the eyes What problems did you solve?

– Helps to solve problems under the eyes, deep tears, hollow eyes due to the collapse of the bones and atrophy of fat collagen under the eyes that makes the face look shabby, tired, not bright

 – Helps to solve the problem of dark circles under the eyes especially those who can clearly see the tear trough Will result in darker under the eyes, looking like a puddle when the groove is filled until shallow. Dark circles under the eyes are also reduced.

 – Helps solve the problem of wrinkles under the eyes due to the HA that we inject into the hygroscopic substance. As a result, under the eyes are fuller. the skin looks smooth And more moisture, so small wrinkles look faded.

 – Helps to solve the problem of sagging and small bags under the eyes to be lifted up. Under the eyes, it’s back to being smooth. and look more full

Filler under the eyes, how many cc.

The amount of filler used depends on the problem of each patient. Most of the time, filler injections under the eyes are about 1-2 cc. on each side. or have a lot of problems under the eyes, such as under the eyes that are very deep, see the groove clearly. The number of fillers used to solve the problem will also increase. Therefore, before the injection, the doctor will assess the patient’s problem first. To use the right amount, appropriately and get the best results.

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