Importance of Accident Reconstruction in Philadelphia Car Accident Cases

If you have sustained injuries in a vehicular accident, you may want to file a lawsuit against the negligent party to get compensation for your losses. If you choose this route, you must determine the cause of the crash and establish liability. This process can be complex when the parties involved differ in their version of events. Because of this, your Philadelphia car accident attorney may need to hire an accident reconstruction specialist. Your lawyer will explain how the expert can help your case and can take legal action against the at-fault driver for you. 

How Accident Reconstruction Works

Accident reconstruction is conducted to investigate, analyze, and draw conclusions on the cause and events that led up to a car accident. An accident reconstruction specialist will do an in-depth analysis to determine contributing factors such as the role of the driver, roadway, vehicles, traffic, and weather conditions.

In addition, accident reconstruction usually includes an examination of the debris, crash points, skid marks, and other accident damage. The cars involved in the crash will be inspected to rule out parts issues like brake failure or tire blowout. Such a process can draw conclusions regarding negligence. 

When to Hire a Reconstruction Expert?

The services of an accident reconstruction specialist may be essential when fault for the crash is not apparent right away, when parties can’t recall certain events of the accident, and when there are no witnesses available. Also, accident reconstruction may need to be carried out when information about how the crash happened is conflicting and when severe injuries were suffered. If damage to cars is beyond repair and parties differ in their version of events, accident reconstruction may also be necessary. Your lawyer will work with some experts, including accident reconstruction specialists. They can review your case and determine when working with this expert is necessary. Accident reconstruction may help your lawyer get greater compensation for you. 

If fault is being disputed, it is also important to work with a lawyer and use an accident reconstruction specialist. Insurers do not always agree on who caused a car accident. They may twist the facts of your accident and blame you for not avoiding the crash. Also, insurance companies may claim that you were negligent and that you caused the crash. A quality reconstructionist can help disclose the facts of your accident, so fault for the accident can be assigned to the right party. 

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