How to pose?

The secret of perfect pictures revealed

Is my hair okay? Crossed legs or better straight?  Should I stay on the right side, left or centred? Show me what you’ve got! Oh, no, wait, wait, wait, my left side looks better than the right one, sorry,  but we definitely have to shoot it again!

There are some timesaving life hacks!

Hey, lucky one, listen up, we are going to teach you how to make perfect photo and, how to pose on Instagram or Only Fans!

Lets start with the setting…


Do you know what the most important condition when taking a photo is? Yeah, good lightning! Even when you are not wearing the best make up or outfit, if you have good light, magic happens. So, if you wonder how to find that glamorous light, you are at the right place!  

Firstly, you have to find a spot with natural light – that is the best option! As you might already have experienced, taking a photo in direct sunlight is not really the way how to make those lovely photos found on social media, because of the sharp shadows, glowy skin, squinting eyes, etc… 

So an advice number one is to avoid direct sunlight. Even Riahnna sings: “Turn your face towards the sun. Let the shadows fall behind you.” Yeah, that is what we mean! Exactly! She knows the recipe of glamorous photos. If you just remember her 2 sentences + our advice: to avoid direct sunlight in the lens, you will end up with many many many likes, hearts and wows. 


Everyone knows it, you finally do that model pose. Thank God your friend has not lost all her patience and her hair is not yet grey! This is your moment and the perfect pose with Duomo di Milano. But when looking at those 150 photos you realise that you are absolutely blending with the mob and it looks more like a photo of a crowded square than yours. 

So here we come with the second advice: avoid taking photos with monuments at their peak. Go and visit the monuments earlier. For example, in Milan it works until lunch time. The other option is to find some less frequent street/ stairs or even the wall, which might help you hide the crowds and offer you the unique view on the monument.

Once the setting is done, let’s concentrate on you… 

We better start with no go zone! One thing that you have to remember for the whole life not even when taking photos, but especially during photo shooting you have to keep it in mind: Never slouch! Slouching posture makes you look insecure, non-attractive, even your belly is not happy with this position, especially when wearing a crop top.

So the rule number one is to always stand up straight. Straight strong postures make you look powerful like models. 

Have you ever considered that some of the best poses aren’t really poses at all? Nowadays video content rules over static photos, so do not hesitate and capture not just a single moment, but perfect passage. It is proven that dynamic content is more interesting for followers on social media compared to photos. Social media dictates the rules and if you want to grow on its platforms, you have to follow them. 

There are not universal poses, when everybody look amazing. All you have to do is to find your own. The best what you can do is to try it on your own. Don’t be afraid, tell a friend,  go out and try different poses and angles to find what looks best on camera. You can try hold your camera slightly above your head when taking a selfie.

But it is always a good idea to take some inspiration. So, watch me now!

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to pose on photos, you might find useful Onlyfans finder, that will help you discover professionals, who have mastered the art of photoshooting.

The last advice from us to you is to create your own Inspo wall. You can do it on social media – simply by saving nice pictures or you can download inspirations to one folder and before holiday or trip you just open it and get inspired. 

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