How Much Time Does It Usually Take To Settle A Car Accident Lawsuit?

Have you filed a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and now wondering how long it will take to settle the claim? Well, this is the most common question asked by the victim and their families. Usually, it depends on the complexity of the case. Sometimes it takes just a few months and sometimes several years to resolve the case. 

However, handling the car accident case on your own and negotiating with the insurance companies takes a long time. Mostly, insurance companies don’t show any concern towards the victim or they don’t give fair compensation. Therefore, seeking legal help is a crucial step in resolving the lawsuit. You can take free consultation from an Athens Car Accident Lawyer. Your lawyer will acknowledge the accident case and will guide you accordingly. Surely, your lawyer will help you to settle the case as soon as possible. 

Some Essential Factors That Determine How Much Time The Lawsuit Will Take

Indeed, every lawsuit has a different background and aspect. Some accident cases don’t take much time as the at-fault driver accepts his mistake and agrees to pay compensation and the victim has not faced severe injuries. Yet, some cases take time if the evidence is not clear. 

Well, No one can predict the time duration until he becomes familiar with the complexity of the case, injuries the victims have faced and what evidence the victim has. Some factors that influence the duration of the car accident lawsuit are:

•Authentic Evidence

Evidence helps you to make settlements easily with the at-fault party. If you have authentic evidence like 

  • Police reports highlight how the accident happened or who was at fault.
  • Photos of the property damage and injuries.
  • Medical bills that you have paid for the treatment.

All this evidence plays a crucial role against tunai4d the at-fault driver and makes the situation clear. 

•Severity Of Damage

If you have severe injuries and you are admitted to the hospital then it will take time to settle. Until you recover or hire a lawyer to deal with the insurance company of the at-fault driver and claim for the compensation.

•Previous Injuries

If you already have some previous injuries then you have to prove whether your injuries are due to a recent car accident or not. Your medical reports will help you to make it clear. But insurance companies will take time till they make sure about it. 

•Number Of Parties Were Involved

In some cases, more than one party is involved and this will increase the complexity of the case. However, having a lawyer can help you to determine who was at-the fault and lawyers know how to deal with complex cases. 

Settlement With Insurance Company 

The settlement with insurance companies is not easy. They ask for the details and try to make you confused. Then they investigate the case on their own which takes a lot of time. Later, even if the fault is not yours still insurance companies ask you to make a settlement on a low amount. Though sometimes, insurance companies deny giving any compensation.

If the insurance company is offering a low amount for a settlement then it’s totally up to you whether you accept or deny or do the negotiation. An Athens Car Accident Lawyer is an expert in doing negotiations with the insurance companies and asks for a fair settlement. However, if they deny the compensation then you can file a lawsuit.

Procedure After Filing A Lawsuit

After filing a lawsuit now you have to wait until the court orders. The legal process takes time but having a lawyer at your side can make you relax and helps you to feel secure. Your lawyer will fight for you and represent you in court. Adequately, settlement is possible at every step and once you agree on the settlement, you can move your steps back from the lawsuit. 

However, the lawsuits procedure includes the following steps

•Filing A Complaint

The legal case starts with a complaint.

•Discovery conference

In court, the parties meet and find out what happened and gather the information.  


The period has been decided to answer each other’s complaints. Usually, it takes 30 days.

•Pre-trial Motions

Actions to seek or obstruct evidence or challenge expert testimony.


During the trial, the judge will review the whole case and make a judgement. 


If any party denies the jury order then they appeal to re-examine the case.

Final Words

No doubt, a lawsuit process is not as simple as it seems to be. The victim has to go through a lot of difficulties and catastrophes along with physical injuries, mental disturbance and financial loss. And the situation becomes even worse when insurance companies do not show any concern and deny a fair settlement. Therefore, consulting an Athens Car Accident Lawyer is a must. Your lawyer will guide you legally and fight for your right to get you fair compensation. 

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