How Long After You Can File Your Personal Injury Claim?

Different incidents happen daily. But some incidents are serious enough and result in severe injuries. Confronting injuries due to the negligence of another person makes a critical situation. Sometimes you have to rush to the hospital and stay there for days till you get recovered as your health is everything. Though some accidents make you disabled or give permanent injuries and the whole of your life gets disturbed. This disturbance leads to depression and you don’t even think about filing a lawsuit against a wrongdoer.

It’s true that the victim has to pay huge medical bills, he suffers due to emotional and mental disturbance, lost wages and property damage. He loses courage and doesn’t understand what steps he should take. He becomes confused and thinks about whether he should file a lawsuit or not and hire a lawyer or not. However, due to the statute of limitation, you should not make it late and immediately consult a lawyer after confronting any kind of personal injury. In fact, hiring a Denver Personal Injury Attorney will make things easy for you. As your lawyer will support you wholeheartedly. He will guide you legally and ask you to focus on your health till then he will handle the situation himself. 

Statute Of Limitation

A statute of limitation is a time period given to resolve the dispute between two parties. This means if you have faced an accident due to the negligence of another person then you have limited time to file a lawsuit. For example, according to your state, car accidents have four years of statute of limitation then you can file your case within four years. After that time you can’t.

The time is decided by the law and every state has a different statute of limitations for a different lawsuit. Therefore, if you have a personal injury case then you can contact a lawyer and ask him about the statute of limitation for your personal injury case. Your lawyer will let you know about time limitations and guide you legally.

Does It Affect The Lawsuit If You Will Take The Action Late?

Obviously, it can affect the lawsuit. It is a fact that at-fault parties don’t intend to pay even a single penny. Most wrongdoers even try to blame the victims for the accident. Sometimes when the victim is admitted to the hospital and fighting between life and death, the at-fault party tries their best to turn the case in their favour. Like, the at-fault car owners repair their car so that they can refuse that accident happened with their car. 

The point is, if you are late the chances are that at-fault parties can struggle hard to remove the evidence as soon as possible so no one can hold them accountable. Therefore, you should not be late in taking legal action. And hire a lawyer immediately.

Will The Insurance Companies Inform You About Expiring Time

When you claim compensation from the insurance companies, they usually take time to investigate. They will review your medical record and make sure that your injuries are not due to any other incident. Then after taking a lot of time they will offer you a settlement. But this will only happen when you will contact them again and again. And ask them for updates otherwise, they won’t show any interest. 

However, if you are hospitalized or due to other reasons haven’t contacted the insurance company by yourself then the possibility is that they will close the file. Only your lawyers are sincere enough to inform you about the expiring date.

If You Feel Like Not Ready To File A Lawsuit Then Keep A Few Things In Mind

If you are making late and not ready to file a lawsuit then keep these few things in mind

  • Your statute of limitation

You have limited time given by the state for filing a lawsuit. You shouldn’t ignore this as after expiration you can’t take any legal action.

  • Don’t cancel your doctor’s visits

Don’t cancel your doctor’s visit till you file a lawsuit because cancelling your doctor’s visit will assure that you are perfectly ok.

  • Don’t rush to your job 

Don’t go for a job because you can’t claim lost wages.

  • Fill your prescriptions

Your prescriptions will make your case strong as it proves that you’re not fine

  • Don’t remain active on social media

Social media activity can be used as evidence against you. 

Take Away

No doubt personal injuries affect you physically as well as mentally and emotionally and you do not feel strong enough to take any action against the wrongdoers. Therefore, you should hire a Denver Personal Injury Attorney. Your lawyer will support you, guide you legally and help you to fight the wrongdoers. Your lawyer will claim compensation for all the economic and non-economic damages.

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