Hindu Wedding Photography in London

If you are planning a Hindu wedding, you may be wondering what to expect from the photographs. The visuals of this wedding ceremony are often vibrant and colorful. There are different ceremonies, colours, and symbols used in these types of ceremonies, which can create beautiful images. To find a photographer to document the Hindu wedding ceremony in London, read on! The following tips will help you choose the right photographer for your special day! Read on to discover the benefits of hiring a Hindu wedding photographer in London!

Indian wedding ceremony

A traditional Indian wedding takes place in the shadow of a Mandap. It is either erected outside or inside the home. The pillars in the Mandap represent the bride’s parents. The bride’s maternal uncle walks her down the aisle and hands her rice. The wedding ceremony is an important part of Hindu culture. Photography can capture the essence of this tradition. You can choose to hire an Indian wedding photographer to capture all the excitement and emotion.

Photographers specializing in Indian weddings can capture the unique aspects of your wedding. The most prominent aspects of Indian wedding photography are the beautiful attire, traditional Indian food, and the heartfelt speeches of family members and friends. The celebration is usually bigger and more elaborate, with elaborate details. Many of the photographers offer both traditional and contemporary Indian wedding ceremony photography in London. Some even specialize in Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Parsee, and Gujarati wedding ceremonies.

Mehndi ceremony

There are several aspects of a Hindu wedding that require specific photographic techniques. The most important aspect of a Hindu wedding is the Mehndi ceremony, which is often described as the most important ritual in the Indian wedding. This ceremony is often symbolic, with the bride’s father applying vermillion to the groom’s forehead in welcome to his new life as a husband. Photographing this important ceremony is important because it is full of emotion and symbolism.

A Mehndi ceremony is a common part of a Hindu wedding and involves several rituals. The bride and groom’s families wear elaborate dresses, and the groom’s family takes part in the Mehndi ceremony by applying henna to the bride’s hands and feet. The bride’s mother is often present, as well. A Mehndi ceremony is often accompanied by Hindu wedding photography in London.

Henna ceremony

Henna is a traditional Indian art that is used to decorate hands and feet. The darker the color, the stronger the love between the bride and groom. In Hindu wedding photography in London, the bride and groom must find their names in the henna design. The wedding ceremony is often accompanied by a sangeet, a musical event designed to bring the families together and celebrate the marriage. Oftentimes, the sangeet includes dancing and singing competitions.

The Hindu wedding takes place under a Mandap, which may be constructed inside or outside the reception venue. It is surrounded by pillars representing the bride’s parents. The bride is escorted down the aisle by her maternal uncle, and her brother hands rice to the newlyweds. Guests also remove their shoes and cover their heads. Afterward, the bride and groom will sit side by side facing Holy Scripture and a priest.


Whether you’re looking for Indian Mandap wedding photography or want to celebrate the union in the UK, we have you covered. The ceremonies take place under a Mandap, which can be either inside or outside. Its pillars represent the bride’s parents, while her maternal uncle escorts her down the aisle. Afterward, her brother hands the groom rice, and the ceremony ends with a dance.

This traditional Hindu wedding ceremony includes several rituals, including henna tattoos, flower garlands, and the exchange of wedding vows. We recently had the privilege of photographing a Hindu wedding at the Rosewood London hotel, which was simply beautiful. The bride and groom were married under a four-pillared structure, called a mandap. The mandap is also the backdrop to the reception, which was an elegant affair.

Royal Bindi

If you’re planning a multicultural wedding, you should consider hiring a professional photographer from Royal Bindi. Not only do they specialize in Asian weddings, but they also understand Hindu, Sikh, and other cultures, and can take pictures and videos in a way that is respectful of their clients’ beliefs and traditions. Royal Bindi wedding photographers are experienced in shooting Asian and Indian weddings and can capture all of the special details of the big day in the most unique and creative ways.

If you are looking for an authentic, Sikh wedding photographer in London, Royal Bindi has you covered. Their team of photographers and videographers has a stellar reputation and will make your special day feel like a fairytale. Their team is comprised of master photographers, video directors, editors, and directors who blend traditional and digital techniques to produce stunning, contemporary images that will make your guests and family envious. A wedding photographer from Royal Bindi will be able to turn even the smallest moment into something larger than life.

Photos by Abhi

If you are looking for quality Hindu wedding photography in London, you have come to the right place. Photos by Abhi offers award-winning photography for Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim weddings, and their flexible pricing options allow you to select exactly what you need for your big day. You can even book a pre-wedding shoot with them before the big day to capture those special moments. Contact Photos by Abhi today for more information!

Finding a good Asian Indian Hindu Sikh or Muslim wedding photographer is easy. Make sure to choose one that offers a diverse range of services, including Asian wedding photography. Make sure you get a free quote, and choose a photographer that offers several different types of photos. This will ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the results, and your most precious memories will be captured. Take a look at some of the most popular Asian wedding photography in London today to find the best photographer for your special day!

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