Here are Some Important Tips About Restraining Orders

When an individual is served with a restraining order, it can be stressful for them and things can get frustrating from hereon. It is a matter of extreme seriousness and one should not neglect the gravity of it. There are multiple types of restraining orders, which are classified as follows:

  • Civil harassment orders
  • Criminal protective orders
  • Domestic violence restraining orders

In this article, you will get the best tips from a top restraining order defense attorney on how to deal with the matter wisely.

Before the order hearing

  • Read the order carefully before stepping into the court. It is true legal paperwork can get extremely complicated and hence you must read everything very minutely.
  • You must abstain from contacting the “protected party”. Also, do not respond if they try to contact you. It is an extreme point and you must not violate it.
  • Also, do not try to contact the protected parties with the help of third parties. It is yet again a violation of the order.
  • It is also important to avoid indirect contact with the help of social media.
  • Try to stick by the rules of the order because violating them will grant you a permanent restraining order.

About the order hearing

  • It can be the case that your hearing might not be heard right away. It only gives you more time to prepare ahead of the hearing.
  • The responding party will be given one chance of continuance.
  • The temporary orders are subject to modification. You might request to amend the order.
  • Try to understand the difference between temporary and permanent restraining orders. Before the hearing is the temporary order but after the hearing, it is a permanent restraining order.

After the order hearing

  • Once the hearing is done, the prevailing party can now request the attorney’s fees.
  • One must know that a restraining order can have a notable impact on child custody, spousal support, and background check.
  • It is very common for a restraining order to get renewed. Even if there have been no cases of abuse or violations after the permanent order, the protected party can still submit a petition to the court.

To get out of these legal troubles easily, you must have a support of a competent attorney who is equally experienced. Legal matters are complicated and should be carefully dealt with for favorable results. 

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