Golden Girls Memes – RIP Betty White

In 1985, when the wildly popular sitcom Golden Girls premiered on television, Betty White was offered the role of Blanche. However, Rue McClanahan had already committed to the role, and director Jay Sandrich decided to switch the roles. The new actress, Betty, was a hit, and earned a spot in the hearts of American audiences as Sue Ann. After her passing, White continued to work steadily on shows like Ally McBeal and Malcolm in the Middle, as well as a few guest appearances on shows like The Practice. Her career had a major resurgence in 2009, with a role in the Sandra Bullock film The Proposal.

RIP Betty White: Today, we are mourning the loss of Betty White. She was one of the most iconic and beloved stars in Hollywood, and was a ‘friend’ of the LGBTQ community. She first rose to fame as a teenager on the popular show, and later went on to play a major role in raising awareness of HIV on television. Her support of LGBTQ issues was unprecedented, and she also fought for marriage equality and the support of at-risk gay youth.

RIP Betty White: As one of the most iconic characters in television, White played many roles on numerous shows. Her ‘Friend of the LGBTQ community’ campaigned for a variety of causes, from raising awareness of HIV on television to advocating for gay marriage. In addition to promoting equal rights for the LGBTQ community, White was a pioneer in helping to improve the lives of at-risk gay youth through her work as an advocate.

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