Entertainment Business Ideas For Small Towns

When deciding on your entertainment business idea for a small town, consider the resources that the community has to offer. Some areas have no cultural institutions, while others are so small that there is a dearth of resources. For example, many small towns are lacking in affordable entertainment venues. A bar can be a great place to hold after-work happy hours, or be a destination for big events like football games. Not only will it provide a valuable service to the community, but it can help revitalize a town.

For an entertainment business idea in a small town, you can open a drive-in theater, a wine bar, or a coffee shop. These are all types of businesses that attract a diverse customer base. Even though they require a relatively high start-up cost, laser tag is a popular family entertainment option that has a 40% profit margin. If you invest in a quality location, you can expect to earn between $1.2-$1.8 million in the first year.

You can also open a drive-in theater in a small town. People often say that they wish a drive-in theater was available in their hometown. This type of venue is perfect for couples, families, and kids. You can also offer a discount for locals. Alternatively, you can offer a weekly or monthly movie schedule for the area. These are just a few entertainment business ideas for small towns.

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