Crypto Credit Cards – Should You Use or Avoid Them?

A crypto credit card is a debit or credit card that allows you to spend cryptocurrency as you would fiat currency. The funds get withdrawn from your cryptocurrency wallet when you purchase something with one of these cards without first being converted into fiat currency (i.e., dollars, euros, pounds).

A cryptocurrency is a digital form of money designed to get used as a secure medium for exchanging value and making payments. Cryptocurrencies, based on the concept of decentralization, rather than being controlled by a central bank or government entity, cryptocurrencies rely on cryptography and a peer-to-peer network to act as its central authority and record transactions on the blockchain (the shared ledger system associated with most cryptocurrencies).

Cryptocurrency cards allow you to use your cryptos in any location where VISA or Mastercard get accepted. Because the cryptocurrency value in the market can exceed $1 trillion at times, they are becoming increasingly popular ways to make large purchases. Now they can get used to everyday shopping too via crypto credit cards.

MCO Visa Card

The MCO Visa Card is a credit card to pay for things using cryptocurrency. It gets issued by the crypto company MCO and allows users to load their card with cryptocurrency and use it as they would a regular credit card. The MCO Visa Card offers a sign-up bonus, low fees, and a wide array of features to its users.

The MCO Visa Card started in Singapore and became available in the US, Europe, and Asia in 2019. MCO’s fees are competitively low. There are no foreign transaction fees, and ATM withdrawals cost just $1 apiece if you use one of the 55,000 ATMs supported by the Allpoint network.

Wirex Visa Card

The Wirex Visa card is available in more than 150 countries and multiple currencies. It is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phone operating systems and allows users to control their finances. The Wirex Visa card can also get used wherever Visa contactless payment cards are accepted, which is about everywhere.

It is important to note that the Wirex Visa card is available in the United States or Canada. However, it was made available in both countries sometime in 2018. If you are somewhere else in the world, you can apply for a Wirex card today, even if you do not currently own any cryptocurrency.

BitPay Visa Card

BitPay is one of the more established names in the crypto credit card industry, and its cards are accepted globally. Unlike some other providers, it’s from the US. It means that it can be a little more expensive to use abroad since you will pay an annual fee on top of a 3% foreign exchange fee. However, it’s offset by BitPay’s lack of spending restrictions, and there is no daily or monthly spending limit.

It makes BitPay ideal for US-based customers who want to spend Bitcoin and international customers who will use Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


BlockCard is a Visa debit card that allows you to use your crypto, based on cryptocurrency prices, to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. A subsidiary of Ternio, an enterprise-grade blockchain platform for payments. The BlockCard account functions like a traditional bank account with an exception: you can use crypto as your primary funding source.

BlockCard is an excellent way to test out using crypto as “real” money and can be used instead of cash or credit cards for everyday spending. It is also a solid option if you want to try dipping into the cryptocurrency markets but do not want to involve yourself in more complicated processes like trading on exchanges and creating wallets.

It is important to note that BlockCard is a debit card only. It does not offer credit, so there is no line of credit (LOC) or ability to earn rewards like cash back or miles through spending.


Shakepay is a Canadian-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. It allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies with their bank accounts. They also offer an accompanying Shakepay card that you can use to spend your cryptocurrency anywhere. The Shakepay card is a prepaid Visa card, meaning that you have to load it with cryptocurrency first before using it for purchases. 

You can add funds to your Shakepay card directly from your crypto wallet or transfer money from the Shakepay app.

Easy Way 

The easiest way to spend your digital currency at the moment is through a cryptocurrency credit card. Cryptocurrency credit cards are the easiest way to spend your digital currency at the moment. They allow you to use cryptocurrency as money and make purchases or ATM withdrawals without exchanging them for fiat currencies, like the dollar or euro.

From a technical standpoint, these cards get issued by companies that are not banks. These companies fall under money services businesses or MSB and operate in a largely unregulated environment. The banks have strict licensing requirements, compliance obligations, and other operational constraints. In addition to being regulated differently, crypto credit cards are not usually FDIC insured like traditional bank accounts.


All in all, crypto credit cards are the easiest way to spend digital currency at the moment. The fees and rewards are similar to fiat credit cards, and they can get used anywhere in the world. Some crypto credit cards also allow you to earn rewards while spending your cryptocurrency. If you already own or want to buy cryptocurrency, a crypto credit card seems like a no-brainer!

If you have a good amount of cryptocurrency but struggle to spend it because merchants do not accept it, these crypto credit cards might be your best bet. You can use them anywhere in the world where major credit cards are accepted and will still earn rewards on top of that! But if you are someone who wants to earn bitcoin for spending in stores, these are not for you.

It is worth mentioning that whichever card you choose, you must do your research before finalizing it. Also, the article lists the major offerings and does not promote any one of them.

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