Crucial Steps To Take After A Slip And Fall Accident

According to the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Safety Council slip, trip and fall statistics, it has been revealed that millions of people face slip and fall injuries and thousands of people die in the U.S every year. No doubt slip and fall injuries cause catastrophic injuries. Slip and fall incidents usually happened at the workplace while climbing up the ladder, on wet floors or falling from scaffolds and sometimes at the home or other places. 

As a result, the victim undergoes traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, hip and spinal cord fractures and broken bones. And due to this, the victims have to pay huge medical bills and suffer from lost wages and other non-economic damages like emotional and psychological traumas.  Though, if you have faced a slip and fall incident due to the negligence of another person. Then you should contact a long island slip and fall attorney. Your lawyer will guide you legally and help you to hold the wrongdoers accountable and claim compensation. Don’t forget it is your right to claim compensation for the injuries and harms you have confronted.

I’m going to share some of the essential steps that must be taken after a slip and fall accident

If you are willing to file a case against the negligent, then these steps will have a good impact on your lawsuit. 

  • Make A Report

After the incident of a slip or fall, you should immediately report it to the manager of the workplace. Or the owner of the place where causality happened. And if the accident is severe then it’s better to call the police as they will report the whole incident filmefy

And don’t forget to collect a copy of the report. This report will be used as evidence. 

  • Document The Whole Scene

You should document the whole scene. And after the slip or fall accident, if you are not in a condition to capture the pictures or make a video then ask any of your loved ones or your friend who is with you to document the whole scene. It’s better to capture it as soon as possible. Because sometimes the owner makes it renovate to hide the whole event. Therefore, you should take a picture of the stairs, ladder or place from where you fell or slipped. 

  • Talk To Witness

Talk to people who are standing near you or who are witnessing the whole incident. Record their testimonies or ask for their name, contact number, and address so that you can contact them later when you need their testimonies as evidence. Some people feel shy and don’t talk to anybody but these testimonies play a great role. 

When you file a lawsuit against the negligent owner and the owner refutes your claim then these eye-witnesses make the case strong. thedocweb

  • Seek Medical Help

After a slip or fall accident, you should immediately rush to the doctor. Sometimes the victim feels normal at the time of the incident but after 1 or 2 days he feels severe pain or swelling. Therefore, don’t make a delay even if you don’t have any pain. Go for the checkup, your doctor will diagnose the bones, spinal cord and joints and ask for an x-ray so that he can prescribe the medication and suggest further treatment. 

  • Preserve Evidence

You should preserve the evidence either in written form or in picture form. Like you should remember the clothes you wore on that day or who was your co-worker, or with whom you went to the restaurant. The victim can forget all these details because of the severe physical injury and emotional or mental disturbance. 

  • Avoid Social Media

Don’t use social media because sometimes your social media activities can be used against you. The eye-witness on social media can judge you that you are perfectly fine and happy on social media. So be aware of this.

  • Seek Lawyers Help

Indeed, seeking lawyers’ help is one of the crucial steps. Lawyers’ help is the most important aspect. Your lawyer will support you from the very first day till you win the case. He will guide you legally and ask you to take a rest and focus on your health first. He will collect the evidence and work on the case to make it strong. Your lawyer will negotiate a fair settlement and if the case went to court then your lawyer will represent you in court. 

Last Words

Slip and falls accidents cause a life-threatening moment. The victim badly suffers from physical and emotional trauma along with enormous medical bills and lost income. Though sometimes he loses his job due to disability. However, if the accident happens due to the negligence of a third person then don’t waste your precious time and contact a 

long island slip and fall attorney. Your lawyer will recover the compensation for all the damages you have faced. 

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