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When it comes to successfully building your brand or establishing new relationships within your network, you need to put forward your best professional self. A professional headshot can go a long way in doing just that. Not to forget, modern day corporate networking is done via the internet since forming connections online is so much more accessible! So, again, you must choose a professional corporate headshot photographer such as Schmittat Photography to produce your new headshots showing your most professional self.

Corporate headshots are a wonderful way of showcasing your professionalism. You might think that the way you look shouldn’t dictate how you are judged, but in reality, the first impression you make on someone through your appearance can be a lasting one. 

What is a Corporate Headshot?

You have come across millions of these professionally taken photographs online, but what exactly does a picture need to qualify as a corporate headshot? A corporate headshot or business headshot is a portrait photo of the subject typically used to show what you look like. You will find that corporate or business headshots come quite in handy; they can be used on company websites, social media profiles (especially LinkedIn), business cards, CVs, brochures, articles, reports, and press releases.

Most corporate headshots are taken head-to-chest or head-to-torso by a professional photographer. The subject in question is usually dressed in formal business attire; you want to appear professional after all. This is all done so you can make a solid first impression on anyone who happens to find your headshot photo online before they meet you in person. 

You can supposedly take your own professional headshot if you like, but the results that a professional photographer can give you are simply unmatched. Not only will they be able to capture your best sides, but they can also enhance your facial features. Their job is centred around conveying your best professional self through these images. 

Why Do Professionals Need Professional Headshots?

What’s the first thing you notice when you look at someone? You will probably make a mental note of their attire, body language, the way they carry themselves and immediately make an assumption about their lifestyle or profession. All of this happens within the first few seconds you take a look at them (a tenth of a second, to be exact!). This, in actuality, is also the limited time you have to make a lasting first impression. 

This is exactly why you need a professional headshot that you can use online and offline wherever needed. Using a high resolution, visually pleasing shot allows you to stand out among the crowd and have potential contacts pay closer attention.  

Not only that, corporate headshots are made to make you look professional. These photographs, as mentioned earlier, are taken by an experienced professional who best understands how to capture your corporate side, the side that screams “accomplished, confident, successful!” 

What Makes A Good Corporate Headshot?

Now how to take a professional headshot? Now that you know what a corporate headshot is exactly and why you need it, let’s discuss what makes for a good corporate headshot. 

  • Your Attire

What you wear is important because your clothes will reflect your personality. You will be using your corporate headshot in a multitude of places, so be sure to make an effort. For men, wearing a suit is preferable, particularly in solid dark shades of navy, grey or black. For women, it is recommended to avoid patterned colours and brighter colours such as pink, orange, yellow or purple as this can give a more casual or flashy look. That’s not all, accessories aren’t off-limits but should be kept minimalist, and anything flashy will draw attention away from your face. 

  • Your Smile

Next, you need to focus on your facial features, the most important one being your smile. There is no ruling on how you should be smiling, as long as you feel comfortable with it. A forced smile can appear rather unprofessional and ingenuine; the goal is to look genuine and draw in people by creating a sense of positivity. 

  • Your Pose

Your body language has a major impact on the impression you create. Try not to slouch down; keep your back straight (but don’t look too rigid!). Good posture is key in a professional shoot. Think of angles that show your best side, do something with your hands if you can’t seem to relax (tensing up one part of your body can also make you look rigid) and most importantly, smile!

Where Can Professional Headshots Be Used?

Your professional headshots can be used in a number of places, notably:

  • Your Company Website: 

By adding a professional headshot to your company website, you can put a face to the name, particularly in the “About” section of your website. A website lacking these headshot photos may look incomplete or lack a human feel to it, and people want to interact with other humans. 

  • Your Social Accounts: 

Social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, can help you connect with potential clients or employers (if you are looking for a potential job). It’s always recommended to use professional headshots as your profile photo instead of selfies you took on your smartphone. 

  • Your Business Cards: 

Your business card has all the basic information about what you do and where people can contact you but very rarely do people remember who the card belongs to. By adding a headshot photo to your business cards, you can make yourself more recognizable and memorable. 

  • Articles and Newspapers: 

If you publish articles or blogs online, your headshot will likely be posted alongside the content. A headshot photo will give a more professional look to those who read your published content. 

  • In Brand Promotions: 

Finally, your headshot should be incorporated anywhere you are promoting your brand. This will help make a positive impression anywhere your personal brand is involved. 

How Can Headshots Help Build Your Brand?

Adding a headshot can help build your brand in several ways. For starters, it helps clients get to know you. You can better introduce yourself and your company employees by showcasing actual pictures of yourself or your company to your clients. Moreover, clients will always prefer interacting with a real human rather than a faceless business.  

By adding a headshot that makes you look trustworthy and approachable, you can also establish new business relationships. (We already talked about the importance of making a good first impression and how your business headshots can assist you there). Finally, your headshot can be inserted in all types of marketing collateral to put a face to your business and draw in more customers.

Get Your Corporate Headshots Captured Today!

As a rule of thumb, you should have your corporate headshots taken at least once every 2 years, so you are consistently presenting yourself and your business to your audience. 

If you are looking to get your corporate headshots redone or capture your first headshots, contact Schmittat Photography for the nest corporate headshot photography in town. The studio will assist you in getting the right headshot that showcases your profession, your personality and your best authentic self to build a trusting relationship with your future clients, employers and business partners. 

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