Choosing The Right Necklace As Per The Neckline

If there is one accessory that is quintessential in a women’s jewellery box, it has to be a necklace. When styled the right way, necklaces can make your neck look longer and slender. They can also enhance the overall look to make you look chic and classy.

That being said, wearing the wrong necklaces can also backfire. You need to know the basics of necklace styling to make sure you can make the most of each piece. For instance, you need to know which type of necklace suits a particular dress.

This article specifically helps you in determining which necklace to wear based on the neckline of your outfit.  Let’s start!

  • V-neck

V-necks are elegant and bring attention to the upper body. They can be shallow, deep, or wide. Now, when pairing a necklace with V-necks, you need to ensure that the necklace matches your neckline. It should have a simple pendant that falls in Y-shape right above the cleavage to get a classy and understated look. You can check modern locket designs to see which suits your style.

  • Turtle Neck

Just like V-neck dresses, turtle neck style is also quite popular. Most people, however, don’t know how to pair necklaces with turtle neck. We suggest you to pick longer length necklaces that help in filling the space and elongate your torso. In this style, your turtle neck becomes the backdrop for your necklace. Thus, if you want, go for statement necklace or layered chains with pendants. You can also play with metals and try silver or gold chains to even chunky necklaces. Just do not pick anything that is too short, like a choker.

  • Collared Neck

Wearing necklaces on shirts can be tricky. But that trouble can be solved if you know the right tricks. For instance, it is recommended that your necklace should be either be a single pendant or a choker. Or if you want to create a distinctive style, you can opt for a large statement necklace that goes over the shirt. You can also create an Indo-western style by opting for oxidized jewellery and wearing a skirt with the shirt.

  • Boat Neck

This type of neckline is more horizontal and thus, you would want to add a necklace that balances out the broadness. Long chain necklaces again come to rescue in such outfit. You can buy a simple long pendant that reaches above your waist. Layered necklace can also work in adding more volume.

  • Halter Neck

You should opt for simple and elegant necklace to ace this look. We would suggest you to select a triangle-shaped pendant that repeats the shape of the neckline. Also, do not wear a necklace that falls over the dress but stays right above the “V”. There are various geometrical pendants available online that you can try. They look both minimal and distinct.

  • Sweetheart or Scoop Necks

Probably the most common neckline, scoop necks have a deeply-rounded shape. They are best paired with short necklaces with volume. You can also adorn your statement necklaces that fall above your neckline, mimicking the natural curve of the neckline.

  • Off-shoulder

Let’s talk about dresses whose neckline are not traditional. When you are wearing an off-shoulder dress or top, it is important that you do not wear something heavy to overcrowd the neck. Just a simple pendant is enough to add the charm.

  • Tube tops

While you should avoid choker in an off-shoulder top, these necklace turn out to be the best choice when it comes to sleeveless tops. A delicate choker necklace can help you flaunt your collarbones. You can also pick colourful beaded necklace to make a statement style.

Now that you know how to choose the right necklace, it is time to start shopping. You can browse this website to see latest necklace and pendent designs.

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