Best Things to Do in Dallas if You Love Texas

Texas is a state that’s been capturing imaginations for 180 years and continues to thrill and amaze visitors year after year.  If you want to get the most Texan experience possible, visiting Dallas

can’t go wrong!

This city offers everything to make you feel at home in the Lone Star state!

Why Dallas?

If you’re considering Texas, there’s a huge assortment of cities and towns to check out: so why go to Dallas?  Not only is this one of the best cities for partying and fun on vacation, but it’s also very connected to its cowboy and pioneering past.  You can enjoy sports here or take in a rodeo where you see people perform on horseback as they have for over 150 years.  There’s something for everyone stuffed into this amazing city: these are just three of its best attractions.

The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

When many people think of Dallas, their minds go to cowboys almost immediately.  If you’re in town looking for Dallas apartments for rent, it’s time to stop and check out the many awesome Old Western attractions this town has to offer.

From rodeos at the Fort Worth Stockyards to the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, you’ll find something that will excite and blow your mind.  This museum is nearing 50 years of showing off the long and interesting history of women of the American West who were able to be incredible leaders and game-changers in history.

Check Out the Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Football and Texas go hand in hand.  If you’re into the NFL and want to experience a little magic, it’s time to check out the AT&T Stadium!  As the largest dome-shaped stadium in the world, this massive sports space is one of the top locations visitors want to make a bee-line to while they’re in town!

Beyond the fun of checking out the home of the Dallas Cowboys, you can enjoy an interactive classroom, a fantastic art museum, and so much more packed into this massive space.  If you’re in town during the season, try to catch a game while you’re here!  It’s life-changing.

Get to Know the First Six Flags!

Six Flags has become one of the largest amusement park chains in the country, with millions of guests every year: and it got its start here in Texas!  Stretched over 212 acres, this park has everything from steel roller coasters, fun water rides, delicious food, themed rides for Texas, and even more that makes this fantastic park such a unique thing to visit.

You can enjoy the Batman ride, take on the Sky Screamer, or take a safer route on the Bugs Bunny Boomtown, but regardless of what you do: you’ll have an amazing time!

This City Has Everything

Whether you’re into the sports that Texas prides itself on, or you’re more into the classic fun of the local cowboy history: there’s no better place to meet Texas than in Dallas!  This city has something for every Texas fan and will surprise any visitor.

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