Avoid Frailty And Vulnerability With Geriatric Care

As you age, your risk of developing several illnesses increases. While you may think you can handle your health without medical Intervention, sometimes you need a medical opinion. Lenox Medical Clinic offers geriatric Chamblee care services that prioritize your general health, giving you a longer and healthier life.

Understanding the concept of senior care

Geriatric care is a medical term for specialized health and wellness care for older adults. You may feel capable of caring for yourself or your senior parents, but sometimes they need specialized care. Achieving optimal health for geriatric patients demands more than medicine; effective care involves teamwork between caregivers and health professionals.

The risk profile intensifies as you or your loved one ages, making them more susceptible to age-related diseases. Additionally, there is an elevated risk of complications due to the decline in mental and physical abilities. These factors often spiral, deeming the patient unfit to be in charge of their care, and life-threatening episodes are more likely to occur.

The purpose of senior care

As you grow older, you are more likely to face health challenges that you did not have before. Perceptual systems are likely to decline, resulting in poor coordination, eyesight, and hearing. Neurological issues start kicking in or worsening, and your daily routine becomes strenuous. Some of the illnesses you develop may be acute, while others may be chronic, requiring comprehensive care.

In the 1950s, the life expectancy was approximately 68 years. In recent decades, it has shot up to 78 years, and research shows that it will likely double in the next two decades. This impressive development is due to senior care, which prevents most age-related diseases and helps manage the existing chronic conditions. If you feel your health is slowly slipping away, you can partner with Lenox Medical Clinic experts offering several geriatric services. They include prevention and management of chronic diseases, Intervention when medical complications arise, and pain management due to gout or osteoarthritis.

Geriatric care services that you may find beneficial

During your initial visit to Lenox Medical Clinic, the team discusses your expectations and runs diagnostic tests before recommending a care plan. It may include chronic disease management, cancer screenings, expanded lipid blood panel, immunizations, and neurological testing. The team can also help you manage your prescription medications. The facility also allows annual wellness visits for patients on Medicare Part B for over 12 months. These visits are essential to assist you with your disease prevention program.

How to prepare for a senior exam

You may need to carry your medical records from previous medical exams. Also, a list of supplements and medications may be necessary during your initial visit. You can also scribble any concerns or questions you may have before committing yourself to the recommended care plan. Having all the details increases your confidence in your treatment plan, and a happy body is healthy.

If you are interested in geriatric care, call the Lenox Medical Clinic or schedule an online appointment.

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