Austin Pest Control Services: Keep Your Home & Family Safe!

Texas weather – hot and humid summers & mild to cold winters – is perfect for insects, bugs, and rodents. While these living beings have an important place in the ecosystem, you wouldn’t want pests at home! If you have found signs of infestation, you should call an Austin pest control company without delay. Here are some key facts worth knowing. 

“Is it worth paying a pest control company?”

That’s often a key question that homeowners ask. Not all pests are harmful, but some are capable of causing serious damage. Termites, for instance, can damage wooden structures beyond a point of repair. Bed bugs can impact your sleep, while roaches and rodents often carry diseases. Professional pest control companies have the expertise and experience to handle different situations. 

DIY hacks don’t work

You may have seen these neat videos on YouTube that promise to fix any kind of pest infestation, but these tricks and hacks rarely work. In fact, you may end up adding risks to the situation. Pesticides and chemicals must be used by professional experts only, and while some DIY ideas may kill a few pests, these won’t resolve your concerns. 

Finding the right service in Austin

Not all pest control companies in Austin are the same. It is best to ask a few questions before you hire a service. You can include the below-mentioned ones on your list – 

  1. Are you a locally-based and licensed pest control company in Austin?
  2. Are you a member of professional bodies in Texas or elsewhere?
  3. Do you have an in-house team of pest control experts?
  4. Do you have liability insurance? Are your workers insured?
  5. What are some of the safety measures you follow?
  6. What steps do you take to minimize the environmental impact of pest control?
  7. What products do you use? Are your products safe for other animals?
  8. Will you offer an estimate in advance?
  9. Do you offer a guarantee on the work? 
  10. What assistance do you need before the job to get started?
  11. I have pets/kids at home. Will you recommend additional steps?
  12. Do you offer preventive pest control contracts?

These are some questions that a pest control company is expected to answer for you. Also, don’t choose a service because they are the cheapest in business. Instead, check reviews and consider the steps they take for effective and safe work. You can also ask the pest control company for a few references. 

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