7 types of stylish sunglasses for everyday use

If you are on a quest to find the best designer sunglasses in Kenya, you have many options as they are made of different metal lenses and available in various shapes. Whether you’d like to choose classic or contemporary styles, the world of sunglasses offers countless choices to both men and women.

As the options are innumerable, men and women can quickly find sunglasses that suit their shape and style well. Moreover, sunglasses from the world’s top designers are the popular choice for every fashion lover.

Kenya has some of the best stores where you can get designer sunglasses to elevate your fashion statement and endure sunlight exposure in summer.

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory, and it is a stylish inclusion to your ensemble. You will spend hours finding the right clothing items, and it is crucial to spend a little time choosing the stylish yet functional piece that goes well with all your outfits.

First off, sunglasses protect you from harmful UV rays from sunlight. Though you use sunscreen to tackle the direct exposure to the sun, your eyes need the same protection during scorching days of the year.

Hot weather in Kenya can sometimes be a headache, and it is better to head out with protection for your eyes. Summer is all good until you start experiencing sunburns, headaches, or unlimited sweats within minutes of spending time outdoors.

You have several sunglasses to use, and it is all about selecting the right choice. Explore the seven different types of sunglasses for men and women before you buy designer sunglasses online.


Aviators are a popular choice of sunglasses launched by Bausch & Lomb. However, many brands are now offering aviators as it is an appealing choice to men of all ages. The timeless style aviators are the best to flaunt your style uniquely. The aviator sunglasses look good on all face shapes, so it remains a reliable choice.


One of the common sunglass types that people love to have, and it’s been two decades since the resurgence of this style. However, wayfarers are still an incredible choice for individuals who endeavor to look dapper on any occasion. Wayfarers exude “coolness,”. It can be a good choice for people who need good protection in summer.


If you are experimenting with street style, rectangular sunglasses complete your ensemble. These sunglasses are the best choice to take your streetwear game to the next level. From design to print and size, every aspect of designer sunglasses in Kenya is desirable.

Cat eyes

Cat-eye sunglasses incorporate the 50s style in your ensemble and suit every face shape making it a popular choice. If you aim to leave a bold yet gentle style statement, throw in the cat-eye sunglasses.


As the name specifies, oversized sunglasses are not limited to any specific shape and have huge lenses to cover up half of your face. These sunglasses are available in different designs to match your style statement. The oversized sunglasses were huge in the 70s and still have a big fan following.

Heart sunglasses

Heart sunglasses are playful, fun, and cool to your sunglass collections. These quirky sunnies are perfect for making an incredible statement, and you can get sunglasses in different sizes.

Wrapping up

That’s all about the seven cool sunglasses type. However, there are many styles not listed above, and you can continue exploring to find the best sunglasses that help you create killer looks in the days to come.

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