‍6 Virtual Happy Hour Events You Need to Try

Maybe you would like to test the waters with a Zoom happy hour, an online happy hour, or perhaps a virtual happy hour? Whatever you wish to call it, such a social event is perfect because it allows people to relax and enjoy strong relationships with coworkers they might not typically see daily.

Here are the six virtual happy hour events that get your team members closer.

1. A-Line Dance

Our list of virtual happy hour games features a unique refusal to let members remain in their seats. Instead, you will be the facilitator if you (or another team member) know a convenient and easy line dance. Alternatively, you can check out short videos online on simple line dances, including line dance tutorials.

Have the members take a few minutes to observe their movements and quickly shift their cameras (if possible) so everyone can move around and feel more comfortable. Then, start the music and play it once it ends so that everyone can enjoy the results. Keep the video of the party.

2. Name That Tune 

Emoji Style is the best virtual game. You have to guess the song by emojis in this game. Each person shares their laptop screen in his turn. The host will Set a time limit. Each member will use software that generates emojis, the unsuspecting individual types out the name of their favorite song in nothing but emojis. 

The people on the pc take turns guessing the song’s name until the timer has run out. At the end of the time, if someone hasn’t guessed, reveal the song and present why you played it.

Alternatively, you, the host of the multiplayer games, may display emoji music and encourage the group to work as a team to guess the music title. 

You may split the group of friends into teams and play them against each other to see who can guess the most music titles correctly.

3. A Specific Year

This icebreaker game can help you and your coworkers get to know one another better and have fun simultaneously. Before the game begins, let the group provide the years in which they were born. Then, instead of accessing the widget from Google’s search results page, type the command “generate a random number” into the browser and set the minimum to the earliest year.

Each group member is encouraged to share a significant event from their year by posting it on the screen and giving a brief description when prompted. Then, either give the number to one member each time with a countdown or generate one number per round year-to-date based upon the members’ response.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Our list of happy hour games is an alternative to the scavenger hunt genre, where small teams or individuals search for items in a race against others. In a traditional scavenger hunt, you would supply your team with physical objects to search for and locate. But because team members may get distributed across different places, this game’s follow-the-clues type of participation isn’t possible.

Instead of organizing a private scavenger hunt for your team, you could set up a web-based challenge for its members to find items that hold special meaning for them. For example, you could give your team members a time limit and ask them to find the thing that makes them the happiest. Next, find their favorite way to connect to others. Then, find an item that triggers a powerful memory for them.

After everyone returns, provide everyone a few minutes to explain the meaning behind their pick.

5. Trivia

Avoid neglecting your employees’ competitive needs even when working remotely by organizing a trivia contest as one of your virtual happy hour games. One of the easiest methods is to work with two teams, divide the Trivial Pursuit board game into sections, and play along.

Since each team member has a different time limit, we recommend two approaches. 

  • Letting the first team accumulate the most pie pieces
  • The victory point for correct answers 

You can quest topics if there are question sets with categories for each gender. It ranges from the Big Bang Theory to Friends TV Show, Girls Vs. Guys, to the genre that you wish to use the set. You can use your additional topics to create fun evenings for your team.

6. Crossword

Speed Crossword is a famous game of both in-person and virtual happy hours.

Create or obtain two or more copies of the same crossword puzzle. Reach out to everyone who is playing the game of virtual happy hour. When it gets determined that everyone is ready, divide into two teams. Establish a strict no-web policy and honor system. Give them a time limit to complete their crossword puzzle. Finally, send each team to their room.

After you check their answers, the first team to select a meeting-size conference room may be the guess (you have to verify their solution after, of course). If none of the groups complete their puzzle within the allocated time, the scorekeeper will name the winner based on which staff has the most greater answers.

Plan Your Zoom Happy Hours with Confetti 

Virtual conference applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet have allowed us to explore the world of remote work and virtual team extravaganzas. Now that social distancing requirements have fallen, we can find new ways to enjoy our virtual office happy hour traditions.

But even more than having a virtual platform, you must put time into your planning efforts to ensure that your event will be worthwhile. But, oops, you’re so busy and don’t always have the time to plan.

If you’re worrying about planning or hosting a Zoom happy hour, don’t fret. We’re a top-quality planning team. With Confetti, you can loosen up and trust that you will expertly oversee your happy hour. So get in touch today to call us on our exceptional virtual event planner for help.


A Virtual Happy Hour FAQ Just For You

We are ready to answer your questions.

How to plan a Zoom happy hour for work?

You can make a virtual happy hour among virtual employee meetings using a video conferencing tool of your choosing. Hosting a corporate Zoom happy hour requires Webex Video, food and beverages, a schedule, and a protocol. Trust us in this when we say that it is tedious.

How many people can join a Zoom happy hour?

The number of Zoom attendees at an event or experience will depend on your audience’s desires. You should also remember that Zoom minimizes the number of people on a call based on your subscription package. The maximum number is 1,000 people, which is only possible by purchasing the “Mega Meetups” add-on plan.

How do I know my Zoom hour was fruitful?

The best way to evaluate the success of your Zoom happy hour is to ask for feedback. If you request input from your attendees, you’ll be able to discover how interesting the evening was and if it should get improved.

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