12V Refrigerators: A Buyer’s Guide

The beautiful 12-volt refrigerator will be a reliable companion on a road trip or any entertainment event you are planning with friends and family. It can also be a perfect car refrigerator if you want to have a refrigerator in your car.

What makes this type of refrigerator even more impressive is that the average portable 12V refrigerator can run on your car battery easily. In addition they are also designed to withstand the bumps and bumps you may encounter along the way.

But here’s the thing; Finding the right fit can be so difficult that you may feel tempted to forgo it. Even if you keep trying to find it, without enough information, you may end up making the wrong decision.

So, we are here to serve you with 411 of 12V refrigerators and best purchase systems. The good news is that choosing the perfect one is based on your interests and needs to reach a large scale. But that does not eliminate the fact that there are important rules and considerations before buying one.

Why Portable 12V Refrigerators Help

Like RV refrigerators, portable refrigerators can be used in a number of ways. Yes, because they come young, you can not enjoy the variety from them as you would from regular refrigerators. Thus, 12V refrigerators give you more options. For example, you can choose these refrigerators based on your favorite electric sauce – AC, DC, or LP gas.

Road Trips

What is a road trip without food, food, and drink? Boring, isn’t it? Now imagine having all that but no real cooling system on the go. The event is told better than the experience. A portable refrigerator is undoubtedly the travel companion you should not forget to take with you.

In fact, Gold’s rule of thumb for travel is that even if you forget your partner on the road trip, you should not forget the portable refrigerator. Oh, we just laughed! We just meant emphasizing the value of a good 12V refrigerator.


Its not just about wanting to cool off in your home or with a friend next week. But, it will not be in the place of not having a portable refrigerator there with you. One thing is for sure: you cant have nothing to plant or suck on if you have a mini-fridge filled with what you need. A 12-volt refrigerator will be enough to hold your food.


Driving a car can be so stressful and time consuming that it does not take long for your stomach to start ringing. If you plan to drive a truck or make a cross-country trip soon, then you should have a portable refrigerator.

You can have a healthy meal within your arrival and also not run out of a can of cold beer all over when those cravings come.


Most of the time, you get ‘camping’ and ‘ice coolers’ in the same line. But ice comes with other features that a good portable refrigerator (like a compressor mode) can handle. Outdoor events can be fun and memorable if there is a good portable refrigerator nearby.

Types of Portable 12V Refrigerators

Do not disturb us. We do not resist frostbite. Ice coolers have their own play functions, however, 12v fridge are required if the goal is to cool food and beverages for a long time.

Portable refrigerators come in three different types. In the next section, we will let you know how these types differ and the common advantages and disadvantages associated with them.

Portable Compressor 12V Refrigerators

The most popular of portable 12V refrigerators is the compressor mode. Portable compressor refrigerator displays compressor between tubes and pumps. It works with compressed gas which eventually converts to liquid form. This water refrigerant will go through an evaporator tube to cool the system.

Unlike thermoelectric types that pump out heat to cool the refrigerator, compressor modes use compressed gases as a means of cooling. If you do not know, compressor refrigerators are also called true 12-volt refrigerators because they use refrigerators. Thermoelectric mode, on the other hand, is called 12V cooler or cooler. But that is not the focus here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Compressor 12V Refrigerators

To be real in the pack, compressor 12V refrigerators can make their temperature look like refrigerators or freezers. once you do, you can make your cold demands on the go.


  • Dual function refrigerator or refrigerator
  • Power works well
  • Suitable for use in neutral and stable surfaces
  • Feature thermostats.


  • It makes a noise.
  • It’s expensive
  • Portable Absorption 12V Refrigerators

Refrigerators are like a compressor refrigerator in that they also contain running water called refrigerant gas. Two types of refrigerators use refrigerators at low temperatures. Their work ethic is also similar.  It is during the outflow of air that heat is extracted from the refrigerator to provide cooling.

Thus, immersion refrigerators take longer to cool when compared to compressor refrigerators.

Pros and Cons of Absorption 12V Refrigerators

As you know, immersion refrigerators can run on a mixture of AC, DC, or LP Gas. But they are usually more efficient when using gas. But, with gas, you may want to make a plan to supply enough gas or make sure there is space to refill the gas along the way. Also, gas-cooled refrigerators need adequate ventilation in order to function properly.


  • It usually runs on three different currents.
  • Especially effective when running on gas.


  • It needs equal areas to function properly.
  • It does not provide temperature control.
  • It consumes a lot of energy.
  • It cools to 30 degrees below normal temperature.

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